AR Game News: Is multiplayer duelling on its way?

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Could duelling be part of Wizards Unite?

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Duelling has always been part of the Harry Potter World. With Niantic and Wizards Unite, it could become part of our world, too!

Wizards Unite AR Game News

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While things have been mostly silent in the Wizards Unite Game front, Niantic has recently given us a glimpse of some really interesting developments they have been working on. Namely, Multiplayer AR.

Augmented Reality has been improving incredibly fast over the last few years. Most notably through Niantic’s most popular game to date, PokĂ©mon Go.

But now Wizards Unite is their next step. And it seems they are ready to take Augmented Reality to a whole new level.

The Niantic team explains it best:

Multiplayer gameplay requires the components of Niantic’s Real World Platform to work in concert across multiple users. And, when you add more people and several varying perspectives, these components must work in specific ways in order to create a visually compelling shared experience. In our research, we’ve found that one of the biggest obstacles is latency: it’s nearly impossible to create a shared reality experience if the timing isn’t perfect.

To address this challenge, we have developed proprietary, low-latency AR networking techniques. Thanks to this solution, we’ve been able to build a unified, cross-platform solution that enables a shared AR experience with a single code base.

You can read more here.

Wizards Unite: Teamwork

The video below shows some of the possibilities when using this multiplayer technology. Teams can work together to solve puzzles or interact with their AR surroundings.

What this could mean for Wizards Unite:

As we mentioned before when we analyzed the Wizards Unite Logo, it seems as if a big part of the Wizards Unite game’s theme will be us working together. They have repeatedly mentioned the need to stick together and join the Task Force.To become part of the team.

With this new development in AR, working as a team could be taken quite literally. We might not know what the game has in store for us, but we do know a thing or two about the Potterverse. Some challenges cannot be faced alone.

Be it an out-of-control dragon or a troll in the dungeon, there are some things no witch or wizard should deal with on their own. Even without the threat of The Calamity looming over us.

Wizards Unite: Duelling

There is another aspect to consider regarding multiplayer technology: Duelling.

The theme of the game (as hinted at in the logo) might be to work together. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all of us will be on the same team.

Duelling has always been a big part of the Harry Potter world. Whether it is simply training or a fight to survive, every spell and curse Hogwarts students have learnt can be used as a tool or weapon against one another.

Now it seems that aspect of the wizarding world might, too, be incorporated into the game. The video below shows a multiplayer setup where players seems to be (virtually) attacking each other.

What this could mean for Wizards Unite:

The technology we see on the video might allow something wonderful to be part of the game: Wizarding Duels.

Who here hasn’t fantasized about casting the most powerful spell or curse on someone else. Perhaps on a boss or an annoying sibling?

Although please don’t cast one of the Unforgivables, or you just might find yourself playing from Azkaban.

The game might require us to fight other teams in order to advance or level up. Or perhaps it could be part of the Task Force training regime. Whatever the reason for it, the possibility of duelling within the game is incredibly exciting.

Hopefully, we will have even more news and speculation to share soon, so stay tuned!

“This is just a brief glimpse into what we have under the hood of the Niantic Real World Platform. While we are using this technology first for games, it is clear that it will be relevant to many kinds of applications in the future.”

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