The Australian Wizards Unite Snafu

App notice australia wizards unite

This has certainly been quite the week for those witches and wizards living in Australia. Did they get the Wizards Unite beta? Did they get an APK download?

Let’s break down what happened and see if we can make any sense.

Wacky Wednesday

Everyone who is waiting for news about Wizards Unite was ready for another Wizarding Wednesday. After the Beta release in New Zealand on the 17th, we were all wondering which country would be the next lucky one. So it didn’t really come as a surprise when news of the Beta going live in Australia started spreading.

Those witches and wizards who had volunteered to be part of the SoS Task Force were contacted by the Ministry (via Niantic) this past 24th of April. The email informed those who had signed up for Wizards Unite that the Beta version of the game was now live in Australia. On both the App Store and the Play Store. Here is a caption of the email they received:

Live australia beta wizards unite

We can all imagine just how happy those Australian recruits felt when they received the news. Unfortunately, Niantic had made a tiny oopsie. When Australians went to the Play Store and the App Store to download their Wizards Unite beta version, it was nowhere to be found.

Realising the mistake, Niantic sent out a second email. You can see it here.

Mistake email australia beta wizards unite

The message, simply put, said they hadn’t meant to send that email quite yet. But they also told Australian players to keep an eye out, as the Beta version would be coming soon.

That, however frustrating, seemed to be the end of it. Until Friday.

Flaky Friday

With all eyes on them, one would think Niantic would be careful not to make a mistake like that again. At least not on the same country. But this Friday 26th of April, with every witch and wizard in Australia constantly checking their phones for news, they did it again.

For some reason, the Wizards Unite game appeared available for download at the App Store in Australia. Social media, once more, caught wind of it. Wizards Unite Beta was live in Australia.

Except, once again, it wasn’t.

The game disappeared from the App Store as quietly as it had arrived, leaving only an error message behind.

App notice australia wizards unite

Shortly after that, Niantic had to face Australian players again. They deserved an explanation. This is what they got.

App store australia niantic tweet

Some players were faster than Niantic and managed to download the game before the App Storewas taken down. Unfortunately they got the same as anyone who downloaded the Beta APK. They were able to go through the game introduction but, once that was completed, their map remained empty. So they couldn’t play or interact with anything. Just like the rest of us.

The Tentative Theory

So here’s what we think happened. Niantic planned to release the beta this past Wednesday. But something went wrong with the app, and the release day had to be pushed back. Unfortunately, the gigantic announcement machine was unstoppable by them and, as hard as they tried, one email slipped through. And that was enough.

But they continued working on fixing whatever had gone wrong. They wanted to release the Beta in Australia. And while they were working on that, another little thing slipped through. The App showed up at the Australian App Store. As soon as they noticed they took it down and, once more, apologised.

So with all that in mind, we do believe Australia is the next country on the list. If it wasn’t before, it most definitely is now, after all this chaos. And we also believe Niantic is working hard at whatever issue popped up when they were ready to release the Beta. Which is why we think the Australian Wizards Unite Beta will, in fact, be available SooN. When? No one knows. But Niantic will try to release it as soon as they can. Frustrated players are not good for business.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our theory? Do you think there’s a different reason why the email, and then the App, went out ahead of time? Whatever your theories, let us know in the comments!

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