threat wheel

Threat Wheel as a Foundable Win Rate Meter

Have you been wondering why so many Foundables are getting away? Here’s an analysis of win rates that might clear some things up for Wizards Unite players. Fighting the odds Using the threat wheel and the cast bar we can now quickly figure out Foundable win rates. We are still researching flee rates – which […]

wizards unite resources

First Three Weeks of Wizards Unite: Worldwide Resources

Three weeks already!?! I feel like I’ve used a time-turner! Here’s a quick look at some of the best research and resources published during the first days of Wizards Unite – and a few good ones published pre-release. Wizards Unite Around the World Thanks to beta users’ research, we see Niantic has been listening to […]

wizards Unite Pokémon GO glossary

Pokémon GO to Wizards Unite Glossary

Most of us have had Wizards Unite for about a week now. While some came into the world of AR through Niantic’s Wizards Unite, there are many players who are already familiar with PokĂ©mon Go. Many were a little worried at first about the new gameplay learning curve. Fortunately, things are running smoothly so far. […]