Pre-registration beta playstore wizards unite

Wizards Unite pre-registration: a 90-day conundrum

Although it feels like it’s been ages, it’s only been three weeks since Niantic first released all that neat Wizards Unite gameplay footage and information. And on that same day, March 11th, Wizards Unite became available for Android pre-registration at the Play Store. Play Store vs App Store There were some rumours surrounding the Samsung-Niantic […]

4 5g networks wizards unite phones

Should I buy a 5G phone to play Wizards Unite?

With Wizards Unite getting closer to its release and Niantic recently unveiling some of its upcoming technology, most of us are wondering what is all this 5G Networks talk all about, and if we should start looking into getting a compatible phone. So let us break it down for you. Why all the 5G chatter? […]

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Wizards Unite: Wearable AR Technology

Technology develops faster than we, as users, can keep up with. But with Wizards Unite coming up, we are focusing on some of the possibilities ahead. This Augmented Reality game is full of possibilities. Today we will be focusing on something Niantic CEO John Hanke mentioned in his 2019 MWC keynote: Wearable technology. Will Augmented […]

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Is Wizards Unite just Magic Pokémon GO?

Let’s all take a moment and go over what we know of Pókemon GO and Wizards Unite, or as it was initially referred to: Harry Potter GO. We’ll analyse their similarities and differences, and figure out what to expect from the new Augmented Reality game. What they have in common The developer of both Wizards […]