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June Wizarding Weekend: Back to Hogwarts! 🏰

*Updated* Tonic for Trace Detection will continue to take the usual 7 hours (or 3.5 hs using Master Notes) during the June Wizarding Weekend) The second Wizarding Weekend fast approaches, and this time we’re heading back to Hogwarts! Let’s check out all the details and get ready to work that Registry and help the Ministry […]

june community day dumbledore's office mysterious artefacts guide

June Community Day: Welcome to Dumbledore’s Office ⚔

It’s almost time for the next Community Day. This month our map will fill with some very special, and quite rare, Foundables for a full day. It will be a great chance to get some serious XP and hopefully even prestige the Dumbledore’s Office Registry Pages. Let’s check out the details! Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019 When is […]