Wizards unite for beginners foundables

Wizards Unite for Beginners: Foundables

Wizards Unite for Beginners: A quick guide for crafty witches and wizards who’ve just joined the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. Are you new to Wizards Unite? Having trouble figuring out how the game works? Do you feel like a Muggle who accidentally leaned on the wrong brick wall and ended up lost in Diagon […]

wizards unite daily login rewards october freebies

Wizards Unite Freebies: October Daily Rewards

As weeks go by, getting things like XP to level up on Wizards Unite gets a little (or a lot) harder.¬†But there’s a good, fast, and easy way to fill up our vaults in the game. Daily Login rewards. So let’s look at some of the numbers and see if the daily login is worth […]

spell cast neville Riddikulus

Spell Casting: Is Masterful the way to go?

When it comes to Wizards Unite, there are two cases in which we cast spells: Encounters and Wizarding Challenges. There is not much to say about the spells we use in Fortresses or when facing an oddity. The Protego charm is either cast or it isn’t. The way we cast the attack spells depends on […]

mysterious artefacts featured september community day

September Community Day: Foundables, Potions, Tips and More!

Today we finally got some more specific information for this upcoming Community Day. On Saturday, September 21 we’ll get three full hours to return some really rare Foundables, fill up our Spell Energy and brew potions faster than Snape on his best day. Let’s break it down. When is it happening? The date is the […]

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Why Day of the Dragon was the best Event yet ūüėé

This month’s Event/Community Day was incredibly fun. It’s not just us that think Day of the Dragon was the best event so far. In fact, this opinion seems to be almost unanimous.¬† We’ve had Wizards Unite for a little under 3 months at the moment. Let’s have a little look at what events we had […]