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Wizards Unite Fantastic Beasts: Bowtruckes

A Magizoologist’s guide for the regular witch and wizard getting ready for Wizards Unite Today we will be covering: Bowtruckles Ministry of Magic Classification: XX – Harmless. May be Domesticated Physical Appearance Much as you can see in the image above, Bowtruckles are small fantastic beasts that largely resemble a twig. Although they vary in […]

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Is Niantic gearing up for the Wizards Unite release?

Wizards Unite release might be closer than we expected! If you’re like most of us impatiently waiting for Wizards Unite, then you are probably expecting a summer release by now. And that’s being generous. The truth is there’s too much uncertainty surrounding the game. We’re almost at the point where even a late 2019 would […]

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Chaos at the Muggle Superbowl!

The Wizarding World’s Alternate Voice Magic runs wild during the Muggle Superbowl MACUSA Public Service Announcement The SoS Task Force detected a new uncontrolled trace of magic this Sunday, February 3rd in Atlanta. MACUSA Aurors and members of the SoS Task Force were present at the scene as part of our new Panic Prevention Program. They […]

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Wizards Unite Training: Best Spells for Duelling

Wizards Unite Training Camp Your go-to place to get ready for the game Today we’ll be covering magic, Gryffindor-style Duelling in Wizards Unite All through wizarding history, duels have been a big part of most witches and wizards’ lives. For many, it’s the best way to settle a fight with another Hogwarts student, or to […]

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Will we have magical pets in Wizards Unite?

There are still no news on the official sources, so it’s time for some SpeculaNews! Wizards Unite! (and bring along your magical pets)   Let’s start with the game details we have: When the game was first announced, this is what the official websites had to say: The game encourages you to step outside with […]

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Is Experimental Breeding behind The Calamity?

The Daily Prophet The Wizarding World’s Beguiling Broadsheet of Choice This is the one and only place where you will get your news unfiltered and on time. Keep up with our Calamity coverage, learn what’s happening with the SoS Task Force and get ready for whatever it is that’s coming our way. More questions, less […]