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Wizards Unite Fantastic Beasts: Obscurus

  A Magizoologist’s guide for the regular witch and wizard Today we will be covering: Obscurials and their Obscurus Ministry of Magic Classification: Not Classified Today, dear Magizoology enthusiasts, we will be covering something quite different. Neither Obscurials nor their Obscurus are technically fantastic creatures, but we live in a time of fear and risk […]

thestral forbiden forest

Somebody stole my Thestral, and I can’t see it!

The Wizarding World’s Alternate voice. Ministry of Manipulation Nowadays, with The Calamity constantly on the news, the Ministry has managed to put us in a state of constant fear. It is easy, then, to manipulate the public. To make us see only what they want us to see. The Ministry will release a video or […]

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Download Wizards Unite: from beta testers to the apk

There has been a lot of uncertainty and speculation surrounding the Wizards Unite Game. Here we will share everything we know about the game and the new technology Niantic is developing. We will also keep you up to date on when and where to download Wizards Unite, the beta versions, the official release date and […]

Movie duel

AR Game News: Is multiplayer duelling on its way?

Could duelling be part of Wizards Unite? Duelling has always been part of the Harry Potter World. With Niantic and Wizards Unite, it could become part of our world, too! Wizards Unite AR Game News While things have been mostly silent in the Wizards Unite Game front, Niantic has recently given us a glimpse of […]

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Wizards Unite Fantastic Beasts: Nifflers

  A Magizoologist’s guide for the regular witch and wizard Today we will be covering: Nifflers Ministry of Magic Classification: XXX – Competent Wizard Should Cope Physical Appearance As shown in the image above, Nifflers look somewhat similar to rodents. They have a long snout, not unlike that of a platypus. Their fluffy coat of fur […]

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Wizards Unite Characters: Gellert Grindelwald

Wizards Unite: Character Profiles The place where you can learn the good, the bad and the ugly about the magical world’s most prominent figures. Today’s profile: Gellert Grindelwald Early Life Durmstrang Institute Gellert Grindelwald’s childhood is largely a mystery. He was born around 1883 and attended Durmstrang Institute, a school famous even then for its unfortunate […]

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Nimbus Incident: are the Potter Boys behind it?

The Daily Prophet The Wizarding World’s Beguiling Broadsheet of Choice The Nimbus Incident Not long ago, the Ministry of Magic released a video captured by a Muggle device that showed a flock of Nimbus 2000 flying riderless and out of control down a deserted speedway. To view this footage, simply tap your wand to the […]