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There’s Magic in the Books

We all love the world of Harry Potter. We love its magic, its characters, its beasts… Something drew us to those books, whether it was two decades ago or just this year.

We have themed parks, we have filming sites excursions, we can visit the studios. We can decorate our entire homes with things that remind us of Hogwarts, even if we never did get that acceptance letter.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published just over twenty-one years ago, and even after all this time it’s still part of our lives. It shapes in many ways how we see the world around us, we identify one-another by our House as if we were the Sorting Hat itself. Many (more energetic than me) even play Quidditch on their free time.

And now, technology has advanced enough that we can be part of the Potterverse with a tap on our phones.

Wizards Unite Game App

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Soon, we will be able to download this amazing app and become part of the story. We will be our own heroes, saving the wizarding world we love, interacting with characters and fantastic beasts, and who knows what else. Not only that, but we will also find so many new people along the way who love Harry Potter as much as we do.

Accio Wizards Unite, A Community for Fans

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Accio Wizards Unite was created by fans, for fans. We’ve read your comments, your tweets, your emails. We’ve kept our eyes peeled and our ears open.

We heard you, and so we have created our very own Wizards Unite Community.

A fun, safe place to share your experiences, your thoughts, your theories. A place to meet people who love the Potterverse as much as you do. A place to share your own content, your crafts, your podcasts, your videos. Or to simply talk about the game, the best ways to play, the new trick you just figured out, what you found on your latest incursion.

Anything and everything is welcome here. Because we share a common interest, we are a community of Potterheads. And when you have so much in common, the best thing to do is kick off your boots, grab a butterbeer and tell us what’s in your mind.

So we hereby inaugurate the Accio Wizards Unite Forum!

Come join us, drop us a line, let’s become a Community.

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