Wizards Unite Gameplay: Beta Introduction Part Two

wizards unite ministry id

There has been an influx of new information, footage and possibilities lately that probably left many a head reeling.

After so long speculating, we finally have some actual, proper information. And although we can’t yet download Wizards Unite, Niantic started the Beta period, making its first stop in New Zealand.

niantic beta tweet

We’ve been covering the Wizards Unite Gameplay for a while now, breaking it down into more manageable pieces so we can delve a little deeper. Locations, Professions, Foundables
Today we will have continue our Wizards Unite Beta introduction walkthrough.

Wizards Unite Introduction, Part Two

As you open the game for the first time you will go through an introduction. This is where we will meet some important game characters who will explain some of the game mechanics and try out things for the first time. So let’s finish up these introduction.

The Ministry Identification

This is the last step to officially become a Statute of Secrecy Task Force Member. Our ministry ID will show a information on our avatar, ourselves and our achievements. Let’s do a quick break down of each part.

wizards unite ministry id


rubeus hagrid wizards unite

The top-left corner of the Ministry ID shows a circle where our Avatar image will be. For this part we can upload a picture or take a selfie using our phone camera. Although we haven’t seen this in the Beta version yet, we do know we will be able to customise this image with different scarves, hats and even Specterspecs.


wizards unite introduction codename

Here is where our Code Name will appear. This is the name we chose on the first part of the game introduction, where we filled out the Ministry’s Volunteer forms.

This is the name other players will see when they encounter your character. Niantic has opened a short period (until the end of April) in which you can reserve your Wiizards Unite Code Name. So if you play PokĂ©mon Go or Ingress and would like to use the same Trainer Name or Agent Name in Wizards Unite, you still have a few more days to call dibs. In the article you will find a few loopholes we’ve gone through to use this Name Reservation option to your advantage in different cases. If you haven’t reserved your name yet, you can do it right here.


There are a few titles in the game we can choose from. These are the four we know about so far.

wizards unite ID title

Since the game is still in its Beta stage, it’s perfectly possible that these titles will change once we get the final version. It is also possible that these titles are tied to our achievements. This would mean the further down the game we get, the more titles we will get to choose from.


Wizards unite gameplay professions

We have gone through Wizards Unite Professions in depth in other posts. There are three possible professions to choose from: Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. Each profession will have different advantages in-game. Aurors will be better at battling Dark Wizards, Magizoologist will be our best options when dealing with fantastic beasts, and Professors will cast the most powerful spells. We will delve deeper into each profession’s official descriptions in a later post.

It is important to mention that Professions will not be available until we reach level 6. By then, we should know enough about the gameplay to make an informed decision. We can also change professions throughout the game.

Hogwarts House

wizards unite hogwarts house

There isn’t much to say about this one. Our Ministry ID will include information on the Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat sorted us into. In the case of Wizards Unite, we can make our own choice. However, since our House says so much about us (at least to other Potterheads) you might want to take an actual sorting test if you haven’t yet.

And there’s no better Sorting Quiz than the official Sorting Quiz at Pottermore. So head over there to see what that ratty old hat has to say.

Wand Weighing

wizards unite wand materialswizards unite wand rigidity

This is where we get to choose our wand. There are many different options to pick from split into four categories. You can also randomize your wand and let the game choose for you. However, you could also take the official Pottermore quiz to discover what your perfect wand would be.

  • Wood: There are many options here. Each type of wood offers different results when casting spells and works better for certain type of wizard or magic. There is an information (i) button that gives us a description of each type of wood so we can make a better choice.
  • Core: Although there are different types of cores used for wands in the wizarding world, here we will get our pick of the three most popular ones. Dragon Heartstring. Unicorn Hair. Phoenix Feather. As with the wood type, we also have an information (i) button that will let us know what makes each type so special.
  • Flexibility: Here, as the name implies, we can choose how flexible our wand will be. From Surprisingly Swishy to Completely Rigid. The different options are explained in more detail when you click on the information (i) button.
  • Length: This option will determine the length of your wand in inches. While you can choose from quite a range, you should always remember that, like Mr Ollivander said, the length of the wand does not represent the power of the wizard. The average wand is around 12 inches. You can choose whatever you feel fits you best or simply take the wand quiz at Pottermore and let Ollivander find you a perfect match.

Wizarding Achievements

wizards unite achievements

As we progress through the game and level up, we will complete certain achievements. Once an achievement is completed, we will receive the corresponding badge. Although there will be many different achievements in the game, there are only five slots in our Ministry ID. This will give us a chance to choose which of our achievements we want to show in the ID. We will also be able to change the badges on the ID whenever we complete a new achievement or simply feel like it.

That’s the end of the introduction

All we have seen in these last two posts is only the very beginning of the Wizards Unite game. Once these steps have been completed we will be able to continue playing the game freely.

Just like with every other aspect of the game, we will continue covering new information as it becomes available, so make sure to check back every day for more Wizards Unite Gameplay. And hop on over to the Community Forum for a nice chat with other Task Force members who are, like you, impatiently waiting for the full release.

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