Calling All Wizards: new Harry Potter Wizards Unite trailer!

Magical Exposure Threat Level

A brand new Wizards Unite trailer was posted today. And it looks amazing!

With a mix of old and new footage, this video is clearly focused on enlistment.

It starts off with the Muggle-proof warning we’ve seen in every trailer and each time we open the official Wizards Unite site hoping for some new info.

With a voiceover that explains what the Calamity is and why it must be stopped, we see some amazing, and somewhat scary, Traces of magic recorded all around the Muggle world.

Death Eaters in a football field; The Monster Book of Monsters battling a shopkeeper; Fluffy, the three-headed dog attacking a bus…
Even the Magical Exposure Clock has changed. Threat Level: RED emergency level!!

This could mean that the game is going to release soon!!

It seems to be the same trailer that’s been playing in UK theatres before Detective Pikachu.

What do you think this means? Is this a sign of a wide release approaching? Let us know in the comments or join our Community Forum to delve deep into the footage!

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