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Wizards Unite and Task Force News
Here you will find all the new information the Ministry releases. We will cover both The Calamity and the traces of magic that appear in the Muggle world. We will keep you updated on what our Statute of Secrecy is up to, and how you can help. And more importantly, we will tell you all you need to know about the Wizards Unite AR Game. Developed along with Muggle authorities, this Wizards Unite App will allow our wizards to safely fight the calamity in plain view of Muggles. Enlist here, join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force and become the hero you always wanted to be. Click To Tweet
Ministry Headquarters The Ministry of Magic is the governing organ for all British witches and wizards.  This ten-story building located deep underground, below Whitehall, in London, houses several offices, departments and courtrooms. The official entrance to the Ministry is located in underground toilets in Whitehall. Two stairways lead into an underground public bathroom. There,  a golden Ministry of Magic coin gives witches and wizards access to the stall. The act of flushing oneself down the Ministry toilet causes the person to emerge into a fireplace in the Atrium. The visitor’s entrance is an abandoned red telephone booth; one enters the Ministry by dialling “62442” (“magic”). Following the prompts of the operator, the telephone box will descend through the ground into the Atrium. Apparition and the Floo Network are the two other ways to access the Atrium.
The Departments
The main Ministry building houses many departments. Each of them govern and control a certain aspect of the magical world, from International Co-operation to Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The Auror office, for example, is part of the Magical Law Enforcement department. Aurors are in charge keeping the peace and enforcing the law. The Department of Magical Accident and Catastrophes keeps Muggles unaware of magic. Its members also come up with plausible lies when aspects of our world are exposed. In fact, there is an entire department tasked with stopping Yeti’ sightings and Obliviating witnesses. Things have begun to change
The calamity has dangerously increased the danger of exposure. In an attempt to contain it, the Ministry has created a brand new, specialized, Task Force. Through its Public Service Announcements, the Ministry tries to offer witches and wizards first-hand information about The Calamity. In fact, it has recently released to videos showing magical objects freely roaming the Muggle world. Both the Snitch incident and the riderless Nimbus show how normal magical objects can become a threat to our way of life. Resources are low, and the risk is high. That is why the Ministry issued an open call to all witches and wizards to join this new Task Force. You can find the forms to enlist here. As new events develop, the Ministry will do its best to keep the wizarding community informed without causing a panic. So we urge the public to read the Ministry’s Public Service Announcements and to enlist and become a member of the special Task Force.
And above all, stay alert!
Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready. Accio Wizards Unite

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