Wizards Unite’s Potions

There will be two ways to get potions in the game. Either as a reward (from a Fortress, Inn or Foundable) or by brewing them. These potions will have many uses. Some will improve our chances of success with Confoundables. Others will increase our stamina. A few of them will improve our spellcast in combat. Other will let us gain more experience with every action in the game. But there is one thing they all have in common. A little trick that will make the brewing process much faster. The Master Notes. Potions Master Notes
When brewing potions, there are certain actions we can perform to speed up the process. As Professor Snape taught us, every detail is important when brewing a perfect potion. Stirring our potion the wrong way could have terrible results. In Wizards Unite we go through a similar process. There are certain movements that, when performed in a certain order, will speed up the brewing process by 15%.

potions master notes wizards unite

Wizards Unite Gameplay: Potions Master Notes

Let’s keep delving a little deeper into Wizards Unite Gameplay. Quick guide on Potions Master Notes, and what they can do for us. Download the complete Potions Master Notes list: Update: Potion for Trace Detection Master Notes The Tonic for Trace Detection lets us see more traces on the map. It lasts 30 minutes and, […]