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The Wizards Unite AR Game When the news aren't enough, we must rely on #Speculanews Click To Tweet The WU Developers niantic logoportkey games logo Back in October 2017 Niantic, the Company responsible for Pok√©mon Go, announced they were working on a new AR Game along with Portkey Games. The game, set to release in 2018, would take place in the Harry Potter Universe. This news set every last Potterhead’s heart aflutter. Then somebody decided it would be a great idea to cast a Silencio Charm all over the Game news. This lasted for just over a year. Some of the wizarding world’s best curse-breakers tried to make it past the Charm and pry some information from the companies, but the magic was too strong. Snippets and Teasers and Frustrated Fans Late last year, we finally got a glimpse of what the game would look like. And a new release date: 2019 harry-potter-wizards-unite-logo First, the new Logo was released. You can read our post about it right here: –Wizards Unite Logo ands its three very familiar wands Then a short trailer showing off the new Task Force and asking us to enlist –Task Force video: on-site training And an even shorter glimpse of some out-of-control Nimbus 2000 –Nimbus Video: Riderless Brooms in the Muggle world Since then, it’s been radio-silence once more, although there have been hints that a third video is on its way. That’s where our Speculanews comes in There is so little official information about the Wizards Unite game that sometimes all we can do is take what they tell us and work on our Speculanews. Click To Tweet Sometimes we will share rumours, like¬†Samsung’s new deal with Niantic possibly meaning WU will be exclusive for Samsung phones. (Did Samsung call dibs on WU?) Other times, we will share news about new technology in development and imagine what it could mean for the game. (AR Game News: Is multiplayer duelling on its way?) Or perhaps delve into our hopes for the game. (Magic Wands for Wizards Unite?) Whatever shape our Speculanews take, we will be sure to share them with you. We hope you will do the same and leave a comment with your own hopes and ideas, and any question you might have for us. Until then, let’s keep up the Speculanews together. Accio Wizards Unite!

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Wizards Unite Gameplay (Speculation, Part 1)

Finally, it seems we have a tentative release window thanks to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara: Summer, 2019. This probably refers to the official Wizards Unite download, and not a Beta version. That means it’s time to focus a little more on the Wizards Unite gameplay itself. So let’s go over what we officially know […]

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Wizards Unite: Wearable AR Technology

Technology develops faster than we, as users, can keep up with. But with Wizards Unite coming up, we are focusing on some of the possibilities ahead. This Augmented Reality game is full of possibilities. Today we will be focusing on something Niantic CEO John Hanke mentioned in his 2019 MWC keynote: Wearable technology. Will Augmented […]

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Wizards Unite Summer Release Confirmed?

Everything remains quiet on the Niantic front, but WB just might have given us a hint: Wizards Unite could release this summer! Let’s have a look at what Warner Bros. CEO let slip out. The Unintended Leak So the news first came to our attention courtesy of @Harry29361095. The Los Angeles Times posted an interview […]

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Is Wizards Unite just Magic Pokémon GO?

Let’s all take a moment and go over what we know of P√≥kemon GO and Wizards Unite, or as it was initially referred to: Harry Potter GO. We’ll analyse their similarities and differences, and figure out what to expect from the new Augmented Reality game. What they have in common The developer of both Wizards […]

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Niantic’s Keynote at MWC 2019

Niantic’s CEO John Hanke was at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to talk about the company, the technology and where they are headed. This is what he had to say.   Niantic’s Goal as a Company During the keynote, John Hanke talked a little bit about what he wanted to create with the […]

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Wizards Unite: Guest Post on our Blog!

Accio Wizards Unite is our way to be part of the wonderful Harry Potter community. A way to let our creativity run wild and share our ideas with like-minded people. People like you. Let us tell you a little bit about us We’re basically two Ravenclaws who needed something special to do while we waited […]

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Wizards Unite, download for Android

Downloading Wizards Unite: Is Android taking the first piece of the pie? Sometimes waiting for the Wizards Unite Game to release feels like running in a little hamster wheel. We can go as fast as we want to, there’s no forward movement to be had. So after going through everything we know so far, we’ve […]