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quibbler-logo-news-wizards-unite The Wizarding World’s Alternate voice. the quibbler spectrospecs Censorship is the law of the land We live in a time when when a Ministry of Lies controls all news reporting. It slants and censors news at will. It makes sure the government’s views are the only ones that see the light of day. The Quibbler is the one outlet brave enough to tell you the truth about what really is happening out there. Illegal, experimental breeding, unwarranted Auror raids at wizarding establishments, massive Obliviation squads targeting witches and wizards. These are just some of the things we have recently uncovered. And now the Ministry is secretly working with Muggles to use their “technology” in what they call the “Wizards Unite AR Game App” The birth of The Quibbler The Quibbler began as a love project for Xenophilius Lovegood, father of famed Magizoologist Luna Lovegood. He created, edited and published the news outlet from his own home. the quibbler print He believed there was more magic to our world than we could see, and he endeavoured to share it with the rest of the wizarding world. As time went by, he began publishing stories other news outlets rejected because they didn’t align with their worldviews.   quibbler 3 quibbler 2 the quibbler harry Although it soon started rising in popularity, it wasn’t until the Harry Potter Special Issue that The Quibbler became famous. The Ministry and every other news outlet were making their best to discredit Harry Potter and his allegations regarding He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had returned. the quibbler harry potter exclusive cover It was then that The Quibbler editor, Xenoplilius Lovegood, decided it was time to hear the story in Harry Potter’s own words. This became The Quibbler’s most famous issue. luna lovegood reading the quibbler To quote Luna Lovegood herself: “Dad’s reprinting!….I can’t believe it, he says people seem even more interested in this than the Crumple-Horned Snorkacks!“ History repeats itself We thought the days of massive manipulation were past. However, with the appearance of The Calamity it feels like we are reliving the days of You-Know-Who all over again. Reports of Ministry cover-ups abund. We have heard the Ministry is working with the Muggle government  aligning with them to help them get through The Calamity instead of taking care of its own citizens. riderless nimbus flying case file wizards unite Out of nearly a hundred traces of magic officially detected in Britain, the Ministry has only shared two, the out-of-control Snitch and the riderless Nimbus 2000. Moreover, there has still been no official statement in regards to the Ministry’s New Year’s Eve Ball catastrophe.  And we still know nothing about how The Calamity is affecting other wizarding areas outside of Britain, despite the many reported meetings between representatives of the International Statute of Secrecy and the International Magical Cooperation Departments. The truth is under fire The Quibbler was labelled a sensationalist news outlet from the first day it went on print. The Ministry and other newspapers accused The Quibbler of printing stories that have been rejected by the established press, typically because they believe it is nonsense. What these outlets don’t realise is that they are being fed ‘truths’ that play right into the government’s hand. The change must start with us. If there is anything else you would like to know about The Calamity, traces of magic, the Wizards Unite App, or the magical world in general, please leave your questions right here (WU Questions) and we will answer them faster than a Crumple-Horned Snorkack can disappear. And above all, stay alert! Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready. Accio Wizards Unite

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The Muggle Cover-UP: 5G and low latency

Our inside sources have shared some disconcerting news. The App the Ministry is reportedly working on along with some Muggle governments is not ready for release yet. As they cast widespread spells to make it available to Task Force members and Muggles alike, they are blaming the delay on something they call “low-latency networks and 5G […]

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Chaos at the Muggle Superbowl!

The Wizarding World’s Alternate Voice Magic runs wild during the Muggle Superbowl MACUSA Public Service Announcement The SoS Task Force detected a new uncontrolled trace of magic this Sunday, February 3rd in Atlanta. MACUSA Aurors and members of the SoS Task Force were present at the scene as part of our new Panic Prevention Program. They […]

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A niffler is ruining my reputation

The Wizarding World’s Alternate voice.   Half-truths, denials and more lies The Ministry has finally decided to break the silence. After weeks of public pressure, they recently released a new Public Service Announcement regarding The Calamity and some related incidents. This time, they finally acknowledge many beasts have disappeared from facilities. However, they still refused to tell […]

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Somebody stole my Thestral, and I can’t see it!

The Wizarding World’s Alternate voice. Ministry of Manipulation Nowadays, with The Calamity constantly on the news, the Ministry has managed to put us in a state of constant fear. It is easy, then, to manipulate the public. To make us see only what they want us to see. The Ministry will release a video or […]


Ministry Cover-up: The Calamity is everywhere!

The Wizarding World’s Alternate voice. We are in the midst of a Ministry cover-up the likes of which we haven’t seen since the times of You Know Who. The Quibbler has interviewed victims, witnesses and experts to find out the truth about The Calamity and what really is happening to our world. Ministry of Lies […]