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October Community Day: Oddities, Potions and more! ūü¶á

The next Wizards Unite Community Day is going to be something special! Last week began the Dark Arts Month, and this October Community Day will stick to the theme and bring some pretty special things to our phones. Let’s take a look at the details! When is it happening? The October Community Day will take […]

dark arts month new oddities

Dark Arts Month: Oddities Galore! ‚ö°

Dark Arts month has officially kicked off. The 8th of October marked the beginning of the Fighting Forces event and brought quite a few surprises to our Wizards Unite map. Let’s take a look and figure out how to catch as many of those foes as possible! The New Oddities Just before the event started […]

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October: Dark Arts Month in Wizards Unite ūü¶á

It seems this month will be full of spooky magical treats courtesy of Wizards Unite. Whether it’s a special Nearly-Headless Nick Death Day celebration or the more popular Samhain or Halloween, October will be packed full of special events, new Foundables and surely a few more surprises we’re yet to hear about. Let’s have a […]

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Wizards Unite Event Walkthrough: Fighting Forces I ‚ú®

It’s almost time for the new Wizards Unite Event to begin! This will, once more, be a two-part event, although this time we know what to expect and how the two parts will work together. Here’s a rundown of the tasks, the rewards and the Foundables we will come across during the Fighting Forces I […]

september community day review

September Community Day review: The good, the bad and the glitchy

Another Wizards Unite Community Day has come and gone. This one had some unexpected surprises waiting for us, although not all of them were good. Let’s take a look at what happened during the event. Check out this post for what the information we had before the event and some tips to make the most […]

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September Community Day: Foundables, Potions, Tips and More!

Today we finally got some more specific information for this upcoming Community Day. On Saturday, September 21 we’ll get three full hours to return some really rare Foundables, fill up our Spell Energy and brew potions faster than Snape on his best day. Let’s break it down. When is it happening? The date is the […]

top ten tips day of the dragon

Top Ten Day of The Dragon Tips

As far as we know, Day of the Dragon will be our only chance to find a dragon in Wizards Unite that’s not native to our area. During three hours this next Saturday the dragons’ region lock will partly lift, giving us a chance to get a second dragon without having to leave our region […]