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circus calamitous i brilliant event featured image

Wizards Unite Brilliant Event Walkthrough: Circus Calamitous đŸŽȘ

It’s time for the next Brilliant Event! We finally (and with very little time to spare) got the details for this event, the Circus Calamitous Part I. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like this one will take a lot of planning and preparation before the actual start. This event will focus on a special wizarding circus […]

march events wizards unite calendar madness

March in Wizards Unite: Event Madness 😎

After a few Calamity-related technical issues, we’re back online and ready to tell you all about this month’s events. We’re quickly becoming accustomed to Wizards Unite keeping us busy all through the month, but this time we’re not just getting events, we’re getting new Foundables too! While details are still a little scarce here’s a […]

love lost part one brilliant event

Wizards Unite Brilliant Event Walkthrough: Love Lost I 💘

As busy as we are battling the Calamity daily, from Brilliant Events to featured Oddities out and about, it’s time to focus on what’s coming. It’s never too soon to start preparing, more so in a month that’s filled to the brim with special events. So today we’ll be focusing on Love Lost I, the […]

crazy in love event oddities february

Crazy in Love Event Details: Even Fluffy Wants Some Love! 💕

We finally know what to expect during next week’s Crazy in Love Event! Many of us thought Oddities were a perfect fit during spooky October, but it seems they like February just as much. Most of the events this month feature Oddities in one way or another, and this two-day event is bringing some rare […]

february events live laugh and potions

February: A magically Eventful Month 💝

Ever since the game release last June, the Calamity has kept us quite busy. But that’s nothing compared to all the events happening this month. We have three Brilliant Events, a special Book Events, a Valentine’s Day short event and a Community Day that’s looking quite interesting. While details are still a little scarce here’s […]

darkest of times ii walkthrough image30EBB

Wizards Unite Event Walkthrough: Darkest of Times II

It’s almost time for the second part of the Darkest of Times Wizards Unite Event to begin! Just like in Part I, the Calamity seems to be laser-focused on Albus Dumbledore with Brilliant Foundables that were part of his life, such as the Deluminator or his very favourite sweets, Sherbet Lemon. Here’s a rundown of […]

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Book Night Event: Beware the Dragons đŸČ

Witches and Wizards, the Calamity is out of control! Not only does it seem laser-focused on Albus Dumbledore, but we have received reports from our Task Force Members that Dragons are disappearing from reserves worldwide. We are expecting these displaced Dragons to appear in the Muggle world later this week. Here is the information we […]