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november community day wizards unite

November Community Day: It’s all about the Fortresses! ⚡

The next Wizards Unite Community Day is going to be something special! In a month full to burst with special events, this Community Day will reward playing as a community. Big time. Let’s check out the details! When is it happening? For the first time, this November Community Day will take place on a Sunday. […]

stronger united i brilliant event

Wizards Unite Event Walkthrough: Stronger United I ✹

After the October Hype and the amazing Dark Arts Month events, many of us figured November would come with a bit of a down time. But there is no resting for SOS Task Force Members while the Calamity is still wrecking chaos throughout the Muggle world. As the saying goes…no rest for the witches (and […]

international games week wizards unite

International Games Week at Libraries, Wizards Unite Edition

After a busy Dark Arts Month in October, we were all prepared for a bit of a down time. Not looking forward to it, of course, but ready to understand that such a hectic month might be followed by a calmer one in order to give developers time to set up more amazing things for […]

dark arts month

Let’s have a Harrowing Halloween! 🩇

It’s almost time for the very last part of this Dark Arts Month. After two Brilliant Events, an amazing Community Day, and a whole month with Oddities all over the map, the adventure is coming to an end. And it’s going with a bang! The next Wizards Unite Event is called Harrowing Halloween, and here’s […]

special assignments wizards unite

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event: Bonus Assignment

This Wizards Unite Dark Arts Month certainly has us entertained. New Oddities, an amazing Community Day, the two-part Brilliant Event and the upcoming Halloween Special Event are certainly keeping us on our toes. And wildly entertained. But there is an extra little perk this week as well. For all those players who manage to complete […]

fighting forces ii walkthrough featured

Wizards Unite Event Walkthrough: Fighting Forces II đŸ‘»

It’s almost time for the second part of the Fighting Forces Wizards Unite Event to begin! Keep in mind two-parters work slightly differently than other events, we’ll go into those details in the post. But to start here’s a rundown of the tasks, the rewards and the Foundables we will come across during the Fighting […]

october community day dark arts month oddities

October Community Day: Oddities, Potions and more! 🩇

The next Wizards Unite Community Day is going to be something special! Last week began the Dark Arts Month, and this October Community Day will stick to the theme and bring some pretty special things to our phones. Let’s take a look at the details! When is it happening? The October Community Day will take […]