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Wizards Unite Fiction. Where the game and our imagination take a life of their own.
A new brand of stories
The Calamity is everywhere, and it’s affecting witches, wizards, Squibs and Muggles alike. So many lives touched, so many lives changed. And the Ministry is trying to keep it all quiet. They focus on the Calamity, on its effect as a whole. But they forget the lives it touches. This is where we keep those stories. This is where those moments are shared. We want to tell you what life is like in the wizarding world. How this threat to our way of living changes our day to day activities. Our way of life. Because sometimes knowing everything is at risk is just the little push we need to risk it all, to follow our dreams. Our stories will focus on those moments, those lives, those events. We want to spend time with the many witches and wizards we met in the books and films. We want to get to know new characters, read about their lives.
The Life of an SoS Task Force Member
Ushan Bones is just one of those many characters. In the series Justice for Melinda, Ushan tries to find out who killed her friend and co-worker, Melinda Miller. But some doors remain shut, even for the head of the new Statute of Secrecy Task Force. With the help of the new Ministry liaison, Ronald Weasley, Head Auror Harry Potter and the best team the Ministry ever put together, Ushan will tackle the Calamity, the mystery behind her friend’s death and much more.
Endless possibilities
That is only one of the many stories we want to tell. So read on, tell us what you think, and feel free to send us an owl if you have a story of your own to share. Let your voice be heard!