Wizards Unite Gameplay

We finally have some actual game footage. And it looks amazing! Wizards unite gameplay logo Along with the new logo, we got lots of new information about the game. And here is where we will analyse it, go into detail, and even speculate a bit. So first of all, have you seen that amazing map? Wizards unite locations The Wizards Unite Locations look spectacular. We´ll get to visit inns to recharge our energy and monuments like zoos or museums for unique beasts or artefacts. The greenhouses will provide us with the best ingredients for our potions. And then there’s the fortresses, where we’ll have to team up with other players to battle foes for a chance to win rare Foundables. wizards unite gameplay portkey We might even find a Portkey or two along the way. A chance to step into a wizarding scene, 360Âş of AR technology transporting us into another world. And all of that we can enjoy while we also ‘build our own, illustrious wizarding career’. We will get to choose between three wizarding professions: Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Each with its own skill tree. Auror achievement tree So if you want to know everything about Wizards Unite Gameplay just scroll down and check out our posts. We will keep updating every time there is new official information. And we’ll theorise and speculate until then. So stick around and get ready for Wizards Unite!

certificate of completion wizards unite

Wizards Unite Freebies: Daily Login and Tasks Rewards

As weeks go by, getting things like XP to level up on Wizards Unite gets a little harder. Not only because we need more and more XP to reach higher levels, but also because many things in the game, such as Brilliant Foundables, not yield very little XP and seem especially hard to catch. But […]

Potter's calamity event II

Wizards Unite Event Walkthrough: Potter’s Calamity II ⚡

It’s almost time for the third Wizards Unite Event to begin! Just in time for Harry’s 39th Birthday all Wizards Unite Task Force members will be out on the Muggle streets trying to recover traces related to him. Here’s a rundown of the tasks, the rewards and the Foundables we will come across during the […]

wizards unite gameplay portkey

Wizards Unite Gameplay: Portkeys đź—ť

Let´s continue covering the different aspects of Wizards Unite Gameplay We’ve already gone through those lovely Foundables we’ll and interact with along the way. We’ve reviewed the three Professions we can choose from for our wizarding career. We’ve even gone over the different map locations we can go into, Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses. But there’s […]

community day for wizards unite beginners

Community Day for Wizards Unite Beginners

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the unusual opportunity to connect with Harry Potter fans while being out and about. Pro tip: Carrying a Hedwig backpack is a great conversation starter! In these conversations, I came across three types of Harry Potter fans: There’s fans who have downloaded Wizards Unite, but they haven’t played […]

potter's calamity event I banner

Wizards Unite Event Walkthrough: Potter’s Calamity I ⚡

We got some unexpected news yesterday! With just a day to spare, Niantic and the official Wizards Unite site shared their plans for Wizards Unite all through the rest of July. It’s not just the first full moon since global release. We also have our first Community Day and not one, but two Brilliant Events […]

wizards unite registry prestige

Wizards Unite Gameplay: A guide to Registry Prestige

We have already talked a bit about the Wizards Unite Registry. Today we will focus on one small but very interesting part of it: Registry Prestige The Registry The Registry is, in short, the place where we collect the many Foundable Fragments we come across on the map. We can also receive Fragments as rewards […]

Wizards unite spells orangewizard2019

Wizards Unite Gameplay: Spells

Spells are the way witches and wizards channel their magic. Of course, as members of the SoS Task Force, we make use of some very powerful spells ourselves. If we hope to contain the Calamity, we must know how to cast them properly and what each of them does. So let’s go over the fourteen […]