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Accio Wizards Unite Training Camp Your one stop for all Harry Potter knowledge wizards unite training quidditch Wizards Unite Training will get you ready for anything and everything we might come across now that The Calamity is at full force. As a member of the SoS Task Force, you will need to brush up on your magical knowledge to help save our way of living. The game encourages you to step outside with your phone, explore your local surroundings and take part in a series of adventures, such as searching for magical creatures and bumping into iconic wizarding world characters along the way. Crikey. Who knows who you’ll spot in your local park? You’ll also be able to cast spells, discover mysterious artefacts, and build up your very own, illustrious wizarding career. With this information in mind, we have designed and optimised our Ministry-Approved Training Camp, where we will cover every aspect of the game. Fantastic Beasts Some creatures are tame and useful, others could kill you with a look. In the game, they could be something we must find and capture. Or perhaps a magical pet we can bring with us to help along the way. Whichever route the game takes, it is important for clever witches and wizards to know and understand these beasts, and the risk they might represent. Iconic Characters Here we will study the good, the bad and everyone in between. The wizarding world has been shaped by its characters. Regardless of their motivations –good and altruistic or destructive and selfish– they helped make our world what it is today. So join us and learn what made each and every one of them unique. Find out what made them good, what turned them into heroes. Or perhaps what made them lose their way, what they were searching for and how they were defeated. Spells, Charms, and Curses Spells can be used for duelling, whether you need to attack someone or defend yourself. Charms can open doors for you, hide you from view, even enlarge your favourite bag so you can fit everything you need when you are on the hunt for a Calamity-related incident. Curses can be used for good sometimes, but many others they are meant to harm. We should know these curses and how to deflect them when possible. Especially with some as powerful as the Unforgivables. Magical Artifacts Whether it’s a Horcrux or a Portkey, many artifacts can be imbued with magic, and can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. We will make sure you are ready to recognise them and safely use or destroy them. All this and more, in our Accio Wizards Unite Training Camp. Just scroll down and begin your journey. You never know what you might run into, in this wonderful, magical world of ours. So get ready and come along for the ride!

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Wizards Unite Characters: Newt Scamander

Wizards Unite Character Profiles The place where you can learn the good, the bad and the ugly about the magical world’s most prominent figures. Today’s profile: Newt Scamander Newt Scamander: Early Life Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, known worldwide as Newt Scamander, was born in England, in 1897. His mother was an enthusiastic breeder of fancy […]