Wizards Unite

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How to choose your Professions in Wizards Unite

While most of us have been keeping up with game details for a while now, there are a few things that we still might not be sure about. When we start playing Wizards Unite there are a few choices we need to make. Choose your Code Name Create your Avatar Pick your Hogwarts House Choose […]

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Wizards Unite: Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event

As all of you probably know by now, the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event (the first Wizards Unite event ever) will begin next Friday. The announcement was made via the game itself, and shared by those players who live in a beta area. Now there are a few issues with this event. Most importantly, the […]

ee niantic deal announced

Wizards Unite UK: the EE-Niantic deal

After launching its 5G Network in the UK  starting the 30th of May, the company revealed they made an exclusive EE–Niantic deal regarding Wizards Unite exclusivity. Here’s what we know so far. The new EE-Niantic deal: Here’s how EE announced its new partnership with Niantic and Wizards Unite. The also included the Wizards Unite round-up […]

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Wizards Unite Gameplay: A Summary

Now that we’re getting closer to the full, global release (we are, right Niantic?) we thought it was the perfect time to review what we know about the gameplay so far. We’ve been covering Wizards Unite Gameplay for a while. We’ve gathered quite a bit of information. So we decided to set up this little […]

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Wizards Unite for Squibs and Muggles

These past few weeks, Wizards Unite, via Warner Bros, started working on their marketing campaign. Of course, of all us here have been aware of the game, and impatiently waiting for it, for quite some time. But most people who are less up to date with the Potterverse are unaware of this upcoming little wonder. […]

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Ushan Bones: Justice for Melinda P12

Ushan Bones: The Life of an SoS Task Force member​ Based on a true story as recounted by Zoë @SnitchesWitch Justice for Melinda. Part Twelve. (Here you can find Part One, Part Two Part Three, Part Four, Part Five,Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten and Part Eleven) The fastest Owl Leaving Newt Scamander’s house was about as difficult […]

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Is Wizards Unite releasing in the UK next?

There’s been quite a bit of news lately, and everything seems to point towards the Wizards Unite release getting closer and closer. Niantic is keeping quiet, as per usual, but Warner Bros has been busy during the last few days. Let’s go over what’s happened, and why we think the UK will finally get a […]