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Feb 13, 2019
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Just as Wizards Unite turns six months old, a new Christmas-themed event begins. This month has been as busy as we’ve come to expect. A two-part event, an amazing Community Day, and now the 12 Tasks of Christmas will keep us entertained as we move into 2020. Let’s take a look at these tasks, the rewards, and how we can make sure to finish them all in time.

12 Tasks of Christmas

This new event will be quite different from those that came before. Here’s what we know.

When is it happening?

The 12 Tasks of Christmas Event will begin on December 20th and end on January 7th 2020. This means we will have 18 days to complete the special Christmas Tasks. You can keep up with how long you have until it begins (and then until it ends) in the Special Assignments tab.

How does it work?

Once the event begins this Thursday, the special tasks will appear in the game. There is a total of 12 Tasks we have to complete, each with their own reward, to receive the overall reward.

The great thing about this is that, unlike what we’ve experience with Brilliant Events so far, where we have to complete a set of Tasks in order to move on to the next, all the tasks will be available from the start. Which means we can complete them in any order. Considering how time-consuming some of the tasks are bound to be, we would be hard pressed to complete all twelve in time otherwise.

What are the tasks and the rewards?

Now here’s the most interesting part. What we have to do and what we’ll get for our effort.

Individual Tasks and Rewards

  • Pick up 10 Gifts – 100 XP
  • Send 10 Gifts – 100 XP
  • Open 3 Gifts – 1 Dark Detector
  • Dine at Inns 30 times – 500 XP
  • Complete 10 Wizarding Challenges – 2 Red Spell Books
  • Perform 100 Good spell casts – 500 XP
  • Perform 30 Great spell casts – 1000 XP
  • Perform 3 Great spell casts in a row – 1000 XP
  • Brew 5 Potions – 1 Dark Detector
  • Use 10 Potions – 500 XP
  • Return 10 High Foundables – 1000 XP

Rewards for completing all 12 Tasks of Christmas

  • 3 Silver Keys
  • 80 Gold Coins
  • 1 Dark Detector
  • 3 Red Spell Books
  • 1 Restricted Section Book (the one missing from Christmas Calamity I)

Total Event Rewards

If we complete all 12 tasks in time we will receive:

  • 4800 XP
  • 3 Dark Detectors
  • 5 Spell Books
  • 1 Restricted Section Book
  • 3 Silver Keys
  • 80 Gold Coins
Our super tips for the 12 Tasks of Christmas

First of all, we’d like to mention that the previous list is the updated version. Originally, one of the tasks was to complete a Wizarding Challenge in our highest open Chamber. There was some less-than-happy feedback from players who found this task could be too difficult in cases where the highest level chamber was opened thanks to team-work. Not every player can solo a high chamber, and not every player can team up with a full group around Christmas.

The developers have shown us they are listening, and that they pay attention to our feedback. Which is why they changed that task to a new one: Defeat 30 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

If you are a somewhat active player, 18 days should be long enough to complete all twelve tasks. Just in case, here are a few tips on how to make sure you finish with plenty of time left to open some presents.

The Gift tasks

This part should be fairly easy. And if you are still working on the Brilliant Event tasks or the Bonus Assignment you can do both at the same time.

You will need to pick up and send 10 Gifts. Remember that if you have already sent a Gift to a player and they haven’t opened it yet you won’t be able to send another. Make sure not to send too many Gifts before the 12 Tasks of Christmas start so you won’t have to wait.

You will also need to open 3 Gifts. Since we can open ten Gifts a day and we have a total of 18 days this shouldn’t be a problem either. If you don’t have a lot of active players in your Friends list you can leave three Gifts unopened until the Event kicks off.

If you think you might have a hard time receiving (and sending) enough Gifts check out our Friend Code Map. Just pick a few codes and add them in your game. If you want to make sure you’re adding active players come on over to our discord. We even have an entire section dedicated to gifts where you can tell other players what you’d like them to send you.

The Inns Task

Unless you are spending a couple of weeks in a seriously rural area, this one shouldn’t be difficult at all. Even if your Spell Energy capacity is full, you can still visit an Inn. You won’t receive the Spell Energy but it will count towards the Task goal and you might get a Gift as well.

The Fortress Tasks

Since the developers changed one of these tasks, this part of the Event shouldn’t be too hard to complete.

You’ll need to complete 10 Wizarding Challenges in any chamber. This could be a great opportunity to use the Brilliant Event Runestones and get those last few Fragments of Haughty Draco (or the Ice Sculpture of a Castle if you do it after the 24th). Otherwise you can also try to complete some of those rare encounter-only Foundables and prestige some Registry pages. Remember Tower Chamber II is your best option for getting those Foundables (it has the best odds without being too difficult and resource-consuming).

Now unless you’re sticking to very low-level chambers, you will probably battle more than 30 Foes to complete those 10 Wizarding Challenges, so that’s two Tasks in one!

The Spell Casting Tasks

There’s one key thing to remember here: our casts don’t need to be successful. Even if the Confoundable resisted, that cast counts towards the Task. In all we’ll need:

  • 100 Good spell casts
  • 30 Great spell casts
  • 3 Great spell casts in a row

Here’s an interesting way of getting through this part faster: The Brilliant Event ends on the 24th. Until then we will find an increased amount of Ebublio-related Traces on the map. I’m not sure if this is the case for everyone, but I find Ebublio is one of the easiest spells to cast. So a little grinding during the first four days of the 12 Tasks of Christmas Event could probably get these three tasks done.

We don’t know if the task is specific to a spell-level or if it will work like other threat-level Foundable asks do. In most cases, when we need to find a medium-threat Foundable, for example, we can return a high-threat and it will count towards the medium-threat goal. If this happens, then any Great spell cast should count as Great and as Good, and the same would happen to Masterful spell casts. Here’s hoping it’ll work that way and save us some time.

As for the 3 Great spell casts in a row, they don’t have to be against the same Confoundable magic. So if you cast a Great and return that Foundable, then tap on another Trace and find the spell is too difficult for you (for instance, I’m lousy at casting Incendio) you can simply run away until you find a Foundable with an easier spell to trace.

The Potions Tasks

Just like we mentioned for the Gifts Tasks, depending on how far along you are in the Brilliant Event you might be able to complete both tasks at the same time.

For the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event you need to brew a total of 13 Potions (5 in part 3/4 and 7 in part 4/4). You can hold off a couple of days and collect those potions once the 12 Tasks of Christmas Event begins.

Brewing 5 Potions and using another 10 during the event shouldn’t be too difficult unless your ingredients vault is very, very low and you have no access to ingredients on the map (again, very rural areas). Otherwise 5 Potions of any type in 18 days shouldn’t be an issue. As for using 10 Potions, well, they’ll probably come in handy during those 10 Fortress encounters we need to get through…

The High Foundables Task

This is one instance where timing will make all the difference. We will have the Brilliant Event and the Tasks Event overlapping during four days. And the Brilliant Foundables on the map are High-threat Foundables. What better time to easily return High-threat Foundables than during the four days when our map will be filled with them?

However, if you don’t manage to return all 10 high Foundables in time you still have many options. The Tonic for Trace Detection works anywhere, including areas where your map is normally 100% empty (speaking from experience, there’s absolutely nothing Wizards-Unite around my home). It might take a few Tonics to get all 10, but it can be done.

Another way is, of course, using Dark Detectors. In case you’re all out you will receive one when you complete the ‘Open 3 Gifts’ task and another one when you complete the ‘Brew 5 Potions task’, so that should help you those high Foundables, too.

And that’s all Folks!

Are you as excited for the 12 Tasks of Christmas Event as we are? Do you think you’ll have enough time to complete all the tasks before January 7th? Let us know in the comments!

Make sure you’re ready to make the most of the event, add your Friend Code to our map if you haven’t yet. You can also have a look around the map and find players in your area!

We also have a Local Community Map where you can add your Wizards Unite Communities for other players to find you!

If you have any more tips for new players make sure to leave them in the comment section! We’d love to hear from you.

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