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Dec 18, 2019
Aurors are veterans who fight to defeat the enemy by combining their innate leadership with a series of debilitating spells. Aurors are most effective against the Dark Force.

Aurors is fully focused on fast attack without worrying about accuracy or defense, thus leaving himself a weak point for Foes.

Best stats: Strength (Damage), Accurate (Critical chance), Important strength (Critical damage), Defensive defense (armor penetration ')
Worst indices: Endurance (Health), Protego Strength (Effective Blocking), Defensive, Accurate (effective against elusive enemies), Max. Focus, bom bom io free
What this means:

The Aurors are the most powerful fighters, with the highest damage, critical Opportunity / Power and penetration.
Aurors have the lowest defensive ability, holding Stamina, Protego Power and Defense in all industries.
Aurors are the least effective against elusive enemies, due to their inferior accuracy. *
Aurors can gather the least number of Focus points in the Witch Challenge *
* These last two bullets show a group strategy that uses the ability to learn between Auror skill trees, allowing them to transfer Focus points from themselves to their allies. (Perhaps a more accurate ally with a greater Focus ability. 3 crack )

Proficiency / omission type:
You have 3 industries and 3 types of Foe, the mechanism of operation is similar to Stone Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Beasts Erklings, Spiders, etc.
Curiosities Dark Wizards, Pixies, etc.
Dark Forces Death Eaters, Werewolves, etc.
Curiosities/Dark Forces
Dark Forces/Beasts
NOTE: The above list is color-coded for Magizoologist, Professor, and Auror
Though the game seems to be putting an emphasis on working together, there are still sure to be many solo players, begging the question: What is the best profession for solo game-play? To answer this, we must look at the different tasks and challenges within the game. Traces or wild Foundable encounters appear to have difficulty levels based on your character level, spell-casting ability, and sheer dumb luck, as Professor McGonagall would note; they are of no real consequence to any given profession. Fortresses however will take a bit more strategy and though are noted to still be doable by each profession, different professions will harbor their own strengths and weaknesses against the various challenges inside. What the choice really comes down to is the players personal game-play style and/or what they look for in a characters stat set.

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Dec 18, 2019
what about magizoologists and professors?
Trained in the care and preservation of magical creatures. In combat, Magizoologists focus on healing and helping their teammates. Magizoologists are most effective against Beasts
Best Stats: Stamina (Health), Protego Power (Blocking effectiveness), Deficiency Defense (Type-disadvantage bonus), Defense
Worst Stats: Power (Damage), Precision (Critical Chance), Critical Power
Professors are highly adept spell-casters who use their deep magical knowledge to debilitate Foes while also supporting their teammates. Professors are most effective against Curiosities
Professors are the most balanced profession, striking a near perfect middle ground in the stats chart.

Best Stats: Proficiency Power (type-advantage bonus), Accuracy (effectiveness vs. evasive Foes), Max. Focus
Worst Stats: Defense Breach (armour penetration)

What This Means:

Professors get the greatest type-advantage bonus of any class, due to their superior Proficiency Power.
Professors hold the best advantage over evasive Foes, attributed to their heightened accuracy.
Professors can accumulate more Focus points than the other two classes, during Wizarding Challenges.
A Professors only real weakness is their inability to penetrate a Foes defence; struggling rather significantly compared to Magizoologists and Aurors both.


Dec 18, 2019
This data sheet in turn gives to Magizoologist, Professor, and Auror as well.
Final Stats (Completed Skill Tree).
525 397 296
Power: 59 79 100
Protego Power: 49% 45% 35%
Precision: 20% 23% 35%
Critical Power: 98% 111% 120%
Proficiency Power: 148% 150% 148%
Deficiency Def: 60% 50% 50%
Defense: 50% 44% 39%
Defense Breach: 22% 15% 32%
Accuracy: 20% 32% 15%
Max. Focus: 12 15 10
Initial Focus: 5 4 4