April: a month of milestones for Accio Wizards Unite


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Feb 13, 2019
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Today we interrupt our normal programming for some special announcements.

This month has been quite significant for us at Accio Wizards Unite. We want to thank everyone who has been taking part in this adventure so far. And we also want to invite you all to join us, become part of our AccioWU Community and enjoy Wizards Unite to its full potential when it finally comes out!


Out little milestones

We started this blog out of our love for the Harry Potter Universe. We were, and are, so incredibly happy to have found an amazing community surrounding Wizards Unite. Its other fans like us that keep us going with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

But this month has been filled with milestones that make us even happier to be part of the Harry Potter and Wizards Unite community.

Our Blog

This blog is the heart of Wizards Unite. And today, with this celebratory message, we are reaching 100 blog posts.

Thats quite something!

Weve made sure our blog has all the information any Muggle, Squib, witch or wizard needs to make the most out of Niantics Wizards Unite.

Here are some of the things weve focused on:

An introduction to Wizards Unite

The perfect post to start your way into the game. Here we explain what we know and what to expect from the game. We even give some ideas on how best to pass the time until the release.

Download Wizards Unite

Because lets face it, we all want to play the game already! Here you will find information on the release date. We will also keep you up to date with the beta release information. And help even you download a beta APK if you just need, need, need to look at the game for yourself right now.

Wizards Unite Gameplay

We are still going through the beta footage with a fine-tooth comb. So this is THE place to check out if you want to know more about the gameplay. Weve broken the information down into manageable pieces so we can go in-depth, discovering even the tiniest details Niantic left there for us. And there are many.

Wizards Unite Training Camp

Here you can learn more about the most wonderful fantastic beasts. You can also get to know important wizarding figures a little better. Including those that will have a major role in Wizards Unite, like our profession leaders: Harry, Hagrid and McGonnagal. We have also made sure to cover some Wizarding Magic, including some basic (and not so basic) spells and curses. Because we need to be ready when the Calamity strikes.

Wizards Unite Speculation and Ministry News

The game has been slow coming, to say the least. That has left us with more than enough time to speculate and analyse every bit of information that came our way. There have also been a few official bits of news. Here you can find it all in one place. #Speculanews

The Daily Prophet and The Quibbler

The biggest wizarding news outlets have a lot to say about the Calamity. Here you can find their take on what has been going on in their world. Theyve even covered the Ministrys use of Muggle technology in the form of a game, Wizards Unite, to trick Muggles into alerting the Task Force whenever they come into contact with a magical Trace.

Our special features

Weve also made some room on the blog for things that make us especially happy. We have started our WuTuber Feature: Fantastic WuTubers. Because everyone who wants to know more about the game, or just wants to watch amazing content, should be following those fantastic #WuTubers.

And just for a little fun, we also have a section where we keep Wizards Unite Fiction. Our first story, Justice for Melinda, features Head of SoS Task Force Ushan Bones as she attempts to find out who killed her friend and co-worker, Melinda Miller. Luckily for her, newly enlisted and always hungry Ron Weasley has the will, the means and the contacts to help her solve the mystery.

Our Community Forum

This month we also reached 100 Community members!

Our Community Forum is filled with friendly people who share our love for Harry Potter (and our excitement for Wizards Unite). This is the perfect place to talk about the game, ask any questions you might have, and even go off topic for a nice chat. Its a wonderful place to be as quirky, weird, geeky or whatever adjective you think defines your love for Harry Potter and your personality. Because you will be in good company. Were all just like you, so come join us!

We also have the best Wizards Unite resources. Links, videos, beta images and a WuTuber Pensieve where you can watch the latest WuTuber videos bottled memories!

Social Media

This month also marked a special milestone for our social media presence.

Through @AcciooWU we reached 100 followers and are now close to 150!

We are so happy in our little Twitter corner, sharing our days with fellow Potterheads. Follow us and join this magical nook.

We are also growing fast on Instagram (@AccioWizardsUnite) and Facebook (Accio Wizards Unite)

So follow us on any (or all) of them to keep up with the latest Wizards Unite news!

Thanks for helping us get here

We have met some incredibly wonderful people and hope to meet even more as we continue creating content and wait for Wizards Unite to finally arrive.

So above all, we want to thank everyone who has been a part of our adventure so far and has helped us grow. Thank you for making every day special.

With your help we will continue to grow until we take over the world and have a great time.

We hope you enjoy our content, and thank you so much! We love you guys!

Samantuchy and Breixo

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