Complimentary Gift: New Potion, ingredients and Vault extensions ⚡


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Feb 13, 2019
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We got a nice little surprise today when we logged into the game. On top of all the bonuses we’re enjoying this week after the amazing dragon-egg hunt over the weekend we got some amazing gifts in Diagon Alley.

So just to keep track of what we’re enjoying this week:

  • Potions brew in half the time
  • Portkeys open after walking half the distance
  • Dark Detectors last twice as long (one hour)
  • Encounters yield 25% extra XP


All of these bonuses will be live until September 9 at 10 A.M. PDT

To learn more about the bonuses check our post: WUFF, Global Rewards and Day of the Dragon.

If you want to make the most of this Day of the Dragon here’s our Top Ten Day of the Dragon Tips

But let’s get into the little gift we got today and what was in it.

Day of the Dragon Complimentary Gift

The gift icon should appear on your map when you open the game. If it doesn’t just head over to Diagon Alley (tap on the Suitcase, then the shopping icon on the top-right corner) and you’ll find it there.

I believe this is, by far, the largest complimentary gift we’ve received in the game to date.

It contained:

  • Tonic for Trace Detection (1)
  • Ingredient Capacity (+10)
  • Potion Capacity (+5)
  • Seeds and Water Capacity (+5)
  • Baneberry (6)
  • Bulbadox Juice (4)
  • Angel’s Trumpet (4)
  • Erumpet Horn (+2)
The Vault Extensions

With this gift, we received an extension on all our extensible vaults (spell energy doesn’t technically go into a vault, though a little boost would’ve been nice).


If we bought these extensions on our own the cost would be:

  • Ingredient Capacity (+10)
    • 150 gold coins for 30 slots, which would translate to 50 gold coins for 10 slots
  • Potion Capacity (+5)
    • 200 gold coins for 10 slots, which would translate to 100 gold coins for 5 slots
  • Seeds and Water Capacity (+5)
    • 150 gold coins

If we add all these together, we received vault extensions valued in 300 gold coins. Which is quite impressive.

The new Ingredients

The new Potion, Tonic for Trace Detection, uses four brand new ingredients to brew:


Here’s the recipe for the Tonic for Trace Detection:

  • Baneberry (6x)
  • Bulbadox Juice (4x)
  • Angel’s Erumpent (4x)
  • Erumpent Horn (2x) – This ingredient will more often be found in Portkeys (just like Powdered Dragon Claw or Hermit Crap Shell)

As part of this Complimentary Gift we received enough ingredients to brew one Tonic.

Brewing time for this potion is 7 hours (5 hours and 57 minutes using Master Notes). Remember base brewing time for this potion will be 3 hours and 30 minutes until September 9 thanks to the Brewing Time Bonus.

The Tonic for Trace Detection Master Notes

Here are the Master Notes for the Tonic. To use the Master Notes you need to open the cauldron once the potion is brewing and tap on the ladle. Then you can copy the notes with your fingers over the potion. Master Notes can be used at any point of the brewing period, there’s no need to use them as soon as the brewing begins.

Remember once you use the Master Notes on the potion three times, the notes will automatically appear when you tap on the ladle. From that point on you will not need to remember the movements in order to speed up the potion.


The New Potion

The Tonic for Trace Detection lets us see more traces on the map. It lasts 30 minutes and, from the information available at the moment, it seems to widen the area around us on the map where we can see traces, showing us Foundables that are further away from our position. Foundables we wouldn’t normally see.

The potion uses all-new ingredients and we received just enough of those for a single brew. We also received one Tonic bottle with the gift.


This potion can come in handy at any given time if we’re out looking for Foundables, but it will probably be specially useful during events, such as the Day of the Dragon, making it easier for us to find areas with more Traces or reach further without having to move. It will take a bit of trying before we can figure out just how much it helps normal play.

So that’s it for today!

We hope you’re all as excited about the new gifts as we are! And don’t forget to get that cauldron brewing, we’re just hours away from battling dragons!

Also, there might be another bundle coming our way tomorrow with 10 Scrolls, 5 Spellbooks and 25 Spell Energy. Quite the weekend we’ll be having!

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