Crazy in Love Event Details: Even Fluffy Wants Some Love! 💕


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Feb 13, 2019
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We finally know what to expect during next week’s Crazy in Love Event! Many of us thought Oddities were a perfect fit during spooky October, but it seems they like February just as much. Most of the events this month feature Oddities in one way or another, and this two-day event is bringing some rare ones to our phones. Let’s check out the details!

Crazy in Love Event

This event will run for two days, kicking off on Tuesday February 11th at 11 AM Pacific Time. This means that the Crazy in Love Event will start just as Darkest of Times II Brilliant Event ends. There’s no rest of the SOS Task Force Members, but we kind of like it that way.

Just like the Book Night Event, Crazy in Love will run for two days, ending on February 13th at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Unfortunately, it seems there will be no lists of tasks or special rewards this time, which is a pity since most of us could do with some XP and perhaps a Red Spell Book (or three), but the rare Foundables will surely make up for it.

The Featured Foundables

As we mentioned before, the Crazy in Love mini event will focus on Oddities. There will be increased sightings of:

  • Three-Headed Dog
  • Azkaban Escapee
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf

Vampires aren’t exactly rare Foundables as long as you go out at night, but during these two days they’ll join up with some odd friends and party day and night.

Werewolves will be sticking around a little longer than usual. With the full moon on the 9th Werewolf encounters will be quite normal from February 7th through February 11. But from the 11th to the 13th they, too, will be out and about regardless of what the moon looks like.

Azkaban Escapees came late into the game and have been extremely rare since they were first featured back in October. It seems the Crazy in Love Event will bring them back to our phones once more. It will be a great chance to work on Prestiging that Oddities V Page. The Death Eater Foundable will not be part of this event, however, so if you haven’t completed that Foundable there will be no Prestiging yet.

The Three-Headed Dog is an Emergency Level Foundable which will bring those who return it a nice amount of XP. It’s also an extremely rare Foundable, so it will be nice to see it on our phones once more. Little Fluffy is also part of the Oddities V Page, so while it will be great to complete all the fragments, the Death Eater not being featured might make Prestiging a little difficult.

Other Crazy in Love Event Perks

With this being such a short event, there’s little we will be getting apart from the chance to return those rare (at least some of them) Foundables and the XP and Family XP that comes with it. There will be no tasks during this mini event, so the focus will just be returning as many of these Foundables as we can.

There will, however, be a featured Potion during the event. For those short 48 hours the Tonic for Trace Detection will increase the chances of encountering those four featured Oddities. So start stocking up on the Tonic (and its ingredients) as soon as you can!

And that’s all for tonight

Are you looking forward to running into Fluffy during this event? And do you think you’re ready to face that dangerous Azkaban Escapee? By now you’re probably a pro at battling Werewolves and Vampires, so those two should be a breeze!

Let us know what you think of this new mini-event and how you’re handling this very busy month, we’d love to hear from you!

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Feb 14, 2019
Yes, why not? I am ready and all set to face the dangerous Azkaban Escapee.
I am a good player by now but just face it difficult to battle the Vampires.