February: A magically Eventful Month 💝


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Feb 13, 2019
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Ever since the game release last June, the Calamity has kept us quite busy. But that’s nothing compared to all the events happening this month. We have three Brilliant Events, a special Book Events, a Valentine’s Day short event and a Community Day that’s looking quite interesting. While details are still a little scarce here’s a look at what’s happening this month and when.

Darkest of Times II Brilliant Event

February 4th to February 11th

This second part of the Dumbledore-centric Brilliant Event is now in full swing. With Adventure Sync finally live, this event brings us a lot of Portkey-related tasks that should be much easier to get through and some nice Foundables as well. Not to mention those Restricted Section Books!

For more information check out our Darkest of Times II Walkthrough post

Book Night Event

February 5th to February 7th

Themed around the Triwizard Tournament, this event brings Dragons back to our phones. We will get a (very) rare chance to prestige one of the Dragon Oddities Registry Pages (which one will depend on where you are since the event is region-locked). Dragons, Dragon Eggs, 1KM Portkeys or Goblet of Fire are just some of the things this two-day event has in store for us. And just to keep us busy we also have a nice set of tasks (and rewards) to get through.

Find out more about in our post, Book Night Event: Beware the Dragons

Healing Potions Sale

February 5th to February 15th

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we can purchase a pack of 20 Healing Potions for 250 Gold Coins. This is half as much as it would normally cost to buy this potions in the game. The limit is one pack per player.

While we don’t have all the details yet, it seems these potions will come in handy (perhaps offer some extra perks such as higher stamina replenished) during the Crazy in Love Event.

Full Moon

February 9th

February wouldn’t be complete without some werewolf-battling. This month the full moon falls on Febrary 9th, just between events. This means that from February 7th to February 11th we will find some rowdy werewolves skulking around Muggle areas who need some serious battling.

Crazy in Love Event

February 11th to February 13th

There’s very little information about this mini event as of yet. Here’s the official description:

Deflect the advances of a variety of love-stricken Oddities while making use of bonus Healing Potions.

Although it’s not entirely clear, we’re guessing this event is one of the reasons behind the Healing Potion Sale we mentioned above. However, the potion pack will still be available when this event begins, so we can decide if we want or need to buy them once we know some more details.

Lost Love I Brilliant Event

February 13th to February 20th

Much like the Crazy in Love Event, we still don’t have many details about this next Brilliant Event. Here’s the official excerpt:

Help protect cherished memories of wizarding world loved ones by returning Brilliant Foundables including Minerva McGonagall.

We will make a new post once the Brilliant Event details – and tasks- are available, so make sure to keep an eye out!

February Community Day

February 23rd

This Community Day will focus on Oddities and will offer some bonuses to using the Tonic for Trace Detection, so make sure to stock up! Here’s the official description:

Take on a variety or Oddities, including rare Doxies and Leprechauns, while making use of bonuses to Tonic for Trace Detection Potions.

Again, we will post more information as soon as we have it, but it’s great to know those Oddities will be popping up on our maps again.

We have a little over two weeks until Community Day, so it might be a good chance to grind those Fortresses for Centaur Bows and Horned Serpent Eggs. That way we’ll be ready to Prestige come Community Day.

Lost Love II Brilliant Event

February 25th to March 3rd

As the month comes to a close the second part of this Brilliant Event will begin. This part will include some nice Brilliant Foundables such as Severus Snape and the Mirror of Erised. As always, we will post all the details as soon as they’re available so remember to subscribe or check back.

And that’s what’s happening this month

It seems the Calamity isn’t taking any time off, and neither will we. Are you as excited about these events as we are? How many Oddities Family XP do you think you’ll get between the Dragons, the full moon, the Community Day and the Crazy in Love Event? Personally, Oddities are my favourite so I’m more than happy to see them pop up on my map all throughout the month. Do you like Oddities too? Let us know in the comments!

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Feb 14, 2019
Sooo good! Many objectives to complete, it's great! :)
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Feb 14, 2019
I have 215 Gold coins and I want to purchase the pack of 20 Healing Potions. Time left is too short now to make it up for this purchase! :rolleyes: