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Feb 13, 2019
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This Wizards Unite Dark Arts Month certainly has us entertained. New Oddities, an amazing Community Day, the two-part Brilliant Event and the upcoming Halloween Special Event are certainly keeping us on our toes. And wildly entertained. But there is an extra little perk this week as well. For all those players who manage to complete all the Fighting Forces II Brilliant Event Tasks, there is an extra set of Bonus Tasks. And some pretty nice rewards to go along. Lets have a look.

Changes keep coming

In just a few months, Wizards Unite has seen a few changes in gameplay. This is specially true when it comes to Brilliant Events. While we started off with a one-week event, it soon change to a longer event split into two parts. The Brilliant Portkeys changed from 7 km to the new 3 km ones to make it easier to open. This month, we also got a new design that lets us identify Brilliant Portkeys on the map before we collect them. Which is incredibly helpful. There was also a change in the amount of Event XP we need to rank up, going from 100 XP to a much more achievable 40 XP per rank. And thats just some of the bigger improvements we saw.

This months Brilliant Event brought us not only the purple Portkeys, but also a set of extra tasks available only to fast finishers.

The Bonus Assignment

Once you complete all the tasks in the Fighting Forces Part II Brilliant Event, a new message will appear on your screen. The Ministry still needs our help to restore order in both the wizarding and the Muggle world.


The message reads:

One last thing there are still loads of Death Eater Foundables out there. If youre up for it, we could use your help clearing them away.

Constance Pickering

Junior Undersecretary, Ministry of Magic

Once you tap on the message, you can see the new Bonus Assignment page with the tasks and the rewards. You can access this page at any time through the event icon on the map or the special tab on the Daily Assignments page.


The Bonus Assignment consists of three tasks:

  • Return 20 Brilliant Death Eater Foundables Reward: 1 Red Spell Book
  • Return 25 Oddities Family Foundables Reward: 1 Ministry ID title
  • Complete 10 Wizarding Challenges Reward: 1 Death Eater Mask Lens

If you complete all three tasks you will get a special reward:


  • 1000 XP
  • 100 Brilliant Event Family XP
  • 1 Red Spell Book
  • 1 wizarding Achievement Badge
The Time Limit

This new Brilliant Event Bonus Assignment will appear as soon as you complete all the Fighting Forces II tasks. You dont need to complete the Registry Page to get there. By the time you finish all the tasks you will have Kreacher, the troll leg umbrella stand and the Phoenix Patronus. The other three come from encounters, Portkeys and Fortresses, and do not influence the Bonus Assignment at all.

However, the Bonus Assignment will only be available until the end of the Brilliant Event, which means the 28th of October.


So while the tasks are not necessarily difficult, they might take a while. Especially finding the 20 Brilliant Death Eaters with Sirius and the Azkaban Escapee also on the map.

This is why it is important that you try to finish your Brilliant Event tasks as fast as you can, to leave enough time to complete the Bonus Assignment.

Some tips to finish on time

  • Get through the Event tasks as fast as you can.
    Part 4/4 might be especially time-consuming because you need to open 4 Portkeys. Consider using silver keys if you can spare them so you can get them open faster.
  • Prioritise the Brilliant Death Eater.
    Once you get to the Bonus Assignment, tap on all the Brilliant Foundables you see, but focus mainly on the Death Eater ones. Ive been fighting only the Death Eater and escaping the other two to save time and Spell Energy, since I tend to play on the go and am usually rushing about.
  • Use your surroundings. And your potions.
    If theres an area where you tend to find more Oddities, head there. The Tonic for Trace Detection can also be great help completing the mission.
  • Choose your Oddities.
    Remember you can get through a low-level Trace faster, and using less Spell Energy, than a middle or high level one. If youre short on time, go for the easy ones first.
  • And choose your Chamber.
    Any Chamber will count for the Wizarding Challenges task. Consider your Spell Energy and the potions you have in storage before choosing one. Its much easier (and faster) to go to lower or mid-level chambers if you want to do 10 in a row.
  • Have Fun!
    The tasks are fun, and the rewards are good, but they wont make a huge difference. If you are short on time or have trouble finding Oddities dont worry. Your fellow Task Force Members are here to help. The game is meant to be fun, so the main goal is to enjoy it!
So thats our take on the Brilliant Event Bonus Assignment!

Have you started working on your Bonus Assignment yet? Are you still working on finishing up the Brilliant Event Tasks? Let us know in the comments!

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