Game App Improvements

Harry's Mom

Sep 8, 2019
I have a few suggestions to improve this game.... Whose with me?

1. Moving the friends tab to instead under our profile. No need to take up space on the map.
2. If users agree to show their placement on the map... It would be great if we can see other players in our neighborhood moving around and request our fellow witches and wizards to be our friends.
3. Greenhouse - Show us what's in the flower pots before blindly choosing a pot. Make a game out of it.
4. Having a pet - Owl, cat, rat and toad or having Fantastic Beasts creatures as pets. Each providing useful capabilities when completing challenges and/or when leveling up. Maybe our pets can level up too!
5. A Time Turner - to go back to a past Event and complete a missing item on your page.