Is Wizards Unite releasing in the UK next?


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Feb 13, 2019
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There’s been quite a bit of news lately, and everything seems to point towards the Wizards Unite release getting closer and closer. Niantic is keeping quiet, as per usual, but Warner Bros has been busy during the last few days. Let’s go over what’s happened, and why we think the UK will finally get a crack at the Beta.

The SoS Task Force email

At some point between Friday and Saturday, depending on the timezone, this little gem popped into our email.


This is a message very similar to the one we’ve seen on the Wizards Unite site. In this case, though, since the message went to all of us who have already enlisted, the Ministry welcomes us to the SoS Task Force and asks us to spread the word. We need more wands ready to join the fight.

What we take from this message is that Warner Bros (because it doesn’t seem to fit Niantic’s marketing style) is trying to do something very similar to what they did with the Niffler Trailer, if you remember. Instead of releasing the trailer themselves, Warner Bros contacted Wizards Unite Influencers and had them be the ones to actually share the new footage on their own social media.

In this case, it seems as if they want to go for a word of mouth kind of marketing campaign, using their own fans, all of us who registered the second the option was available, to talk our Muggle friends into joining the fight. Not that we’d need much convincing, anyway. I’m a proud Harry Potter pusher myself…

The Pottermore email

Just a few hours after the Ministry contacted us, we received another email. This time from Pottermore. Once again at the hands of Warner Bros.


After many years as the official website for all things Harry Potter, Pottermore is packing its bags and moving to a bigger and better home. The reason behind this email is twofold. On the one hand, they want to let us know there’s a shiny new website for all of us to play in. On the other, they need to inform us that the company controlling our data will change. All of our information, from our name and email to our Hogwarts House will now transfer to Wizarding World Digital LLC and Wizarding World Digital Ltd on May 15th 2019.

The Wizarding World Website

And this is where all the shinies will now live. A brand new site for all our magical needs. This is the message we can currently see when we go to the new WizardingWorld site, although this might look quite a bit different by tomorrow.


The goal of this move is clear. Warner wants to keep all the Harry Potter-related properties in the same bag. Having Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and and Wizards Unite together, and more importantly under the same copyright holder, will make a full magical universe much easier to manage. Which also means we can expect a lot of Wizards Unite related content to come out soon.

We’re still holding out hope for those compatible wands! You hear us, Warner? We’re ready to give you our money!

The silver screen trailer

While everything we mentioned before points toward Warner building momentum and a bigger buzz before the worldwide release (#Soon) this titbit here is what makes us think the Calamity is heading to the UK.


Many of you have already watched Detective Pikachu. But it just so happens the experience was a little different for a lucky few. Along with many other trailers that played before the movie, one came quite unexpectedly. A new-ish Wizards Unite trailer. We haven’t heard a lot about the trailer so far, but there’s a mix of old and footage. The trailer starts the same way all Wizards Unite videos do, with the Muggle-proof transmission notice.

After that some Death Eaters appear in the middle of a football match. Fortunately, SoS Task Force members come to the rescue and manage to fend them off. Then there’s a remix of the trailers we’ve already seen. Including that cute little Niffler trapped in the Muggle arcade. Since most of the people who go to see Detective Pikachu probably know about Pokémon Go, there’s a big chance they’re familiar with Niantic’s Wizards Unite. This is a great way to get some cross marketing.

Our conclusion

From what we can tell, however, this trailer only appeared in theatres in the UK. Which is why we’ve decided to take it as a sign that Wizards Unite is finally heading home. With no word on a wide release, we might be getting a new beta release this Wizarding Wednesday. And it’s about time the UK got to play the game, wouldn’t you agree?

Let us know what you think in the comment section. Or even better, join our discord and our Community Forum for a nice chat!

And remember, keep you eyes peeled, you ears open and your wands ready!
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Feb 14, 2019
Thanks for the details. Yes, I also believe that the next destination of Wizards Unite will be UK. At last it has to return back to home land. :giggle: