November Community Day: It’s all about the Fortresses! ⚡


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Feb 13, 2019
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The next Wizards Unite Community Day is going to be something special! In a month full to burst with special events, this Community Day will reward playing as a community. Big time. Let’s check out the details!

When is it happening?

For the first time, this November Community Day will take place on a Sunday. That’s November 17th from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. local time.

Just like in October, the event times won’t be set by zones (Asian Pacific; Europe, Middle East, Africa and India; The Americas and Greenland). Instead we’ll all be playing in our own local times.

So what does this mean? Well, everyone will get to play from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. Whenever your device says it’s 11 A.M. local, get ready to start the three-hour special adventure!

This is great news for most players, especially if you were part of a wide area with many different time-zones, so Community Day would start too early for some players and too late for others.

Of course, we’ll be getting our first impressions from those players farthest to the east. This is great news for those of us in later time-zones since it will give developers time to fix any possible bug before the event kicks off in the next area. Not so great for those in the Asia-Pacific zone, which sometimes function as our guinea pigs. October’s Community Day had to be rescheduled in the first two time-zones due to bugs in the game, after all, which were fixed in time for most other players to enjoy the event.

What are we getting?

Like we mentioned in the title, this month’s Community Day will take us to Wizards Unite Fortresses, where we will complete Wizarding Challenges and get some extra Challenge XP. Which means more sweet, sweet red books every time we rank up.

The Challenge XP

During November Community Day we will receive increased Challenge XP when playing Wizarding Challenges with teammates. We will get a minimum of 50% increase. That increase will be higher the more teammates we play with. You do not need to have those players added as your friends in the game but you definitely should. You will always get a little more XP when playing with someone who is your Wizards Unite ‘friend’.

Wizarding XP (which is the normal XP you get to level up) will also increase in Wizarding Challenges during Community Day. We don’t know by how much yet, but it seems the main increase will be in Challenge XP.

The Potion Perks

This Community Day will focus on our Healing Potions, which will come in handy when playing high-level Chambers for sure.

Healing Potions brewing time will decrease by 50%. On top of that, using Master Notes will decrease it an extra 50% instead of the usual 15%. This means Healing Potions will take 30 minutes to brew instead of the usual 2 hours.

Ingredients for Healing Potions (Wormwood, Bubotuber Pus, Dittany and Dragon Liver) will also appear more frequently on the map during the 3 hours of the Community Day.

Healing Potions will also be more effective during the event, increasing our Stamina 50% instead of the usual 30%

The exploration Foundables

This Community Day will also give us a unique chance to complete, and Prestige, our Registry pages.

We will receive a Foundable matching the Runestone we used every time we complete a Wizarding Challenge in a Chamber Level 6 or above.

Here is a handy graphic with all the Foundables you can only get in Fortresses.


Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

The Spell Energy Bonanza

This Community Day we will be using up a lot of Spell Energy to get through as many Fortresses as possible in the limited time we have. Thankfully, the developers kept that in mind when designing this Community Day. Apart from the usual ways to get Spell Energy (Inns, Greenhouses and Diagon Alley) we will also receive it as a reward when we complete a Wizarding Challenge. And it will also be available in the map.

The Complimentary Gift

This community day we will receive a Complimentary Gift that will give us 50 Spell Energy and 5 Lv1 Ministry of Magic Runestones

As always, the limit is one per player. If they use the same system as they did during the previous Community Day, this Complimentary Gift may only be available during the three hours the event lasts, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for the icon on the screen or head over to Diagon Alley (via the Suitcase) to claim yours.

The Sponsored Fortresses

During this Community Day Sponsored Fortresses will yield more Spell Energy than usual when you complete a Challenge. The Challenge XP you receive will also be slightly higher than in a normal Fortress. So if you have access to a Sponsored Fortress consider heading that way to make the most of the Community Day.

The November Community Day Tasks

For the first time, we will receive a set of tasks to complete during Community Day and get even more amazing rewards! Here are the tasks we will have to complete and their rewards:

November Community Day Quest 1/4

Complete the following Chambers:

  • Ruins II (Chamber 2) – Reward: Level 2 Magical Games and Sports Runestone
  • Ruins III (Chamber 3) – Reward: Level 2 Hogwarts School Runestone
  • Ruins IV (Chamber 4) – Reward: Level 2 Ministry of Magic Runestone

Quest 1/4 Rewards:

  • 5 scrolls
  • 25 Spell Energy
November Community Day Quest 2/4

  • Tower I (Chamber 6) – Reward: Level 3 Care of Magical Creatures Runestone
  • Tower III (Chamber 8) – Reward: Level 3 Magizoology Runestone

Quest 2/4 Rewards:

  • 15 scrolls
  • 30 Spell Energy
November Community Day Quest 3/4

  • Tower V (Chamber 10) – Reward: Level 4 Oddities Runestone
  • Forest I (Chamber 12) – Reward: Level 4 Dark Arts Runestone

Quest 3/4 Rewards:

  • 2 red Spell Books
  • 40 Spell Energy
November Community Day Quest 4/4

  • Forest IV (Chamber 14) – Reward: Level 5 Mysterious Artefacts Runestone
  • Forest V (Chamber 15) – Reward: Level 5 Legends of Hogwarts Runestone

Quest 4/4 Rewards:

  • 100 Gold Coins
  • 3 red Spell Books
  • 50 Spell Energy
November Community Day Tips

Community Days only last three hours. It’s important to be prepared so we can make the most of the time and, in this case, hopefully complete and prestige some Registry Pages and rank Challenges up a few times.

Here are our tips for this Community Day:

Choose your Challenge Carefully

  • Prioritise the Fortress Chambers in order to complete the tasks.
  • If you are part of a team take a moment to decide who is going to do which tasks or use which hexes or spells.
  • If someone is still completing their SOS tasks make sure they get to defeat the foes they need when possible (Pixies or Death Eaters)
  • Remember you can carry lower-level players to higher level Chambers. You only have to do the heavy lifting and they can come along for the ride! Just check what their highest open Chamber is and go from there.
  • You will get extra Challenge XP as a solo player too, so don’t worry if you don’t have other players in your area. You can help the Ministry just as much!
  • Keep an eye out for spell energy. The less you have to stop to recharge the more Fortresses you can get through.
  • Remember most Fortress Potions will carry from one foe to another. Don’t be afraid to use those Potent Exstimulos if you have them!
  • Check your Profession skills beforehand. Make sure you know which spells or hexes to use in a team.
  • Remember when playing with teammates you will receive Focus from each foe that’s defeated. Consider spending some scrolls to increase your Maximum Focus if you can.
Be ready for anything

  • Start off with a fully charged phone
  • Bring a battery pack along if you think you might need it
  • Check the weather before you head out. Dress accordingly.
  • Stay safe. If the weather is too bad to go out, don’t. There will be other events. The Ministry of Magic will understand.
Make it awesome!

  • Don’t be shy. It might seem daunting, but if you see someone playing Wizards Unite try to approach them. Us Potterheads are a friendly bunch. You’ll feel awkward for a moment or two, then make new friends to play with in your area. Also, wearing something Harry Potter-related might help other players spot you!
  • Convert those Muggles! They can be our allies. And they will come in handy when we’re short a player and want to venture into a Fortress.
  • And most importantly, Have fun! Stay true to the spirit of the game (and the source material). Have a wonderful time and tell us all about it afterwards!
And that’s what’s coming this Community Day!

Are you as excited as we are? Have you been enjoying the last few events as much as we have? Do you have any tips that we missed? Or maybe want to share your experience with the game and the events? Let us know in the comments!

Also, here’s a quick guide to Community Days for Wizards Unite Beginners you might find useful.

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