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Feb 13, 2019
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Most of us have had Wizards Unite for about a week now. While some came into the world of AR through Niantic’s Wizards Unite, there are many players who are already familiar with Pokémon Go. Many were a little worried at first about the new gameplay learning curb. Fortunately, things are running smoothly so far. Still, we thought it would be useful to set up a Wizards Unite – Pokémon GO Glossary to make things even easier!

New words, familiar meaning

Luckily for many of us, Niantic didn’t re-invent the wheel when coding Wizards Unite.

Here’s a glossary of terms and game mechanics for witches and wizards playing Wizards Unite who are already experienced trainers in Pokémon GO:


Gameplay Glossary: Wizards Unite => Pokémon GO

Foundables => Pokémon

Traces look like floating signs on the map that, when tapped, allow you to interact with a Foundable. Once you recover a Foundable either through a Trace, a Portkey, or a Wizarding Challenge, it is added to your Registry.

Types of Foundables => Pokémon Types

The 19 Foundables Families in the Registry include Care of Magical Creatures, Dark Arts, Books and many more. Returned Foundables are counted similarly as PoGO does when you catch a certain Pokémon multiple times.

Returning Foundables & Prestiging Frames => Turning Gyms gold

There are 4 frames to work through for each of the type of Foundable Family in the Registry. Once you’ve completed a Frame, you’ll want to tap the option that appears in the upper-right-hand corner of the Frame. This Prestiging will change the style of the Frame and offer a new goal for its Foundables. Along with more XP points every time you return one.

Spell Energy => Pokéballs

Although you don’t ‘throw’ energy in Wizards Unite, you do use it. And when you run out, you lose the ability to catch Foundables in Traces and cast spells in Wizarding Challenges. So much like with Pokéballs, you want to make sure you have enough before embarking on an adventure.

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir => Lucky Egg

This skinny green elixir only gives double XP when dealing with Portkeys, Traces and Wizarding Challenges.

Exstimulo Potions => Razz Berries

The Exstimulo Potions, which increase the odds of Foundable capture, can be brewed and found in three forms: Regular, Strong, and Potent. This works the same way as odds-increasing Berries: Razz Berries, Silver Pinap Berries and Golden Razz Berries.

Greenhouses & Inns => Pokéstops

In addition to giving out spell energy, Greenhouses allow you to harvest ingredients and Inns can attract Foundables using Dark Detectors.

Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses => Gym Raids

There are more differences than similarities between Wizarding Challenges and Raids, including being able to heal fellow witches and wizards. But the dodge bug has been fixed and there is no need to use golden razz berries (Potions) to get your Foundables. Once you’ve defeated the Wizarding Challenge and leave the Fortress, your recovered Foundables will be placed in your Registry.

Rune Stones => Raid Passes

Runestones can be used at any time in a fortress, as though the raid boss never leaves, never sleeps. The numbers on the Runestone ascend in difficulty and reward.

Dark Detector => Lures on Pokestops.

Inns can operate up to three Dark Detectors at a time, increasing the rarity of the traces spawned every three minutes.

Portkeys => Eggs (2k, 5k & 10k)

Beware. Whereas Eggs opened easily and without your assistance, to open Portkeys you should have a strong internet connection and plenty of space to move around. Losing internet connection while exploring a Portkey can cause a loss of the items in the Portkey.

Silver Key => One Use Incubator

Probably the most similar of all the connections between the two games, these two options work in exactly the same way.

Gold Key => Infinite Use Incubator

Just like how you would use the Infinite Use Incubator, the best use of the Gold Key is burning through your stock of 2k Portkeys.

Weather in Wizards Unite => Weather in Pokémon GO

Weather in Wizards Unite affects the types of Ingredients you find on the map as you wander about.

Wizards Unite Events => Pokémon go Events

Though we don’t have exact details yet (beta areas had an event, the rest of us will join the fun this July), events seem to be working largely the same way. Some last the whole week while others, monthly events, last just three hours on a weekend.

That’s it for today!

Every day we learn more about how Wizards Unite works. If you find a clever connection back to PoGO that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it!

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