Potter’s Calamity Event and the XP debacle


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Feb 13, 2019
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Lately, we have been getting quite a few less-than-pleasant updates from Niantic. It started with Fortresses, where they lowered the XP gained from completing the first eight Chambers and raised the XP from Chambers 11 upwards. That’s an entire issue all its own. But then the event started. And the Fortress frustration was mostly forgotten. Until they did it again. Let’s have a quick look at what happened to our XP.

A bit of timeline context

The news of the second Wizards Unite event came as a bit of a surprise. Until this past Monday 15th we were all focused on the first full moon since the game’s global release started, which meant our first chance to catch a werewolf oddity.


We were also looking forward to the very first Wizards Unite Community Day.


Then, with only a 24 hours heads up, Niantic announced, initially via a pop up on the game, that the second (two-parter) Wizards Unite event would begin the following day.


Potter’s Calamity Event XP issues

Many players suffered through a few technical issues and some crashes when the event started. After that little rough patch, we were all probably pleasantly surprised to find the amount of XP and Family XP we could get by defeating those Brilliant Confoundables. It was a little suspicious not just that the XP was high, but we were also getting the same amount of XP from Harry’s Foundable as we did from Hedwig, which was a lower level threat.

Still, who are we to complain?

We stocked up on our Baruffio’s and used the event Foundables to gain experience fast (since Fortresses XP was cut by over 70% in lower chambers). With every Foundable we received 500XP (plus bonus for first cast or great/masterful cast) and 20 Family XP. This allowed us to level up in the game and the Family Registry quite fast.

Then someone at Niantic caught on. They’d made a mistake. And they decided to fix it during the event, of course.


We received two notices.

  • First: The Brilliant Harry adn Hedwig encounters are currently rewarding an incorrect amount of Wizard XP. We will be updating it to the correct amount at 12pm July 18 PDT. We apologize for this issue.
  • Second: We gave changed the amount of Wizarding XP being awarded for Hedwig and Harry Potter Brilliant Encounters.

Now you might notice neither of these messages tells us what the new XP would be. There’s a good reason for that.

The new Wizarding XP in event


Let’s take a look at those numbers.

On the left you have the XP gained from Returning a Brilliant Foundable with no Baruffio. That’s 500XP for each (plus cast bonus) and 20 Family XP each.

On the right you have the same two Foundables WITH Baruffio’s Brain Elixir doubling the XP. Harry went from a 500XP base to 100XP. Hedwig from 500XP to 75XP. Not only that, but they also cut the Family XP by as much as 90%. This makes levelling up the Family Registry almost impossible. And this, of course, is the only way to get Event Runestones which, in turn, we need to use in Fortresses in order to find another Foundable, the Weasley Jumper.

Now, we can all understand 500XP per encounter was a lot. Sure. But they definitely went overboard when correcting the issue.

Getting 75XP for a Brilliant Foundable during an event? We can get that much with a Flobberworm, which spawns everywhere (at least in my area). Then there’s also the Harry Foundable. It’s a medium threat Foundable and it usually takes a few tries and perhaps an Exstimulo Potion to return. All that effort and energy gets us 100XP.

Are Brilliant Foundables worth the effort?

Honest answer: No.

There are a few cases where you’ll want to go for them regardless of the XP.

  1. If you haven’t yet recovered all the Fragments.
  2. If you really -really- need the Family XP because you are out of Runestones or red books.
  3. You have spare energy and there is nothing else around.

Those are the only cases I can see those Foundables being worth recovering. Otherwise just about any other trace on the map will get you more XP for less energy. I really think the XP, and especially the Family XP, are absurdly low.

The one good update Niantic has made to the Event

We did get a tiny bit of good news today. Players were having a lot of issues getting the Weasley Jumper Fragments from Fortresses. To put this into perspective, during the previous event I managed to retrieve all three Fragments in four Wizarding Challenges. This time around it took me fourteen Challenges (and fourteen event Runestones) to get the same result. However, it seems odds of getting the Foundable are now back to normal levels.

Niantic made an announcement earlier today:

We have made a fix to ensure Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Fragments are rewarded when using Brilliant Runestones. in Wizarding Challenges. You should now see these items rewarded more often when you play Challenges and use an Event Runestone. Additionally, 5 Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Runestones are included in the free Community Day Store Pack, which will be available during the upcoming Community Day.

We apologize for this issue. Thank you for your patience and for playing!

And that’s a wrap!

What do you think of the new event XP? Do you think they are normal numbers? Do you find them too low? What about the Family XP? Let us know in the comments!

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Feb 14, 2019
Are Brilliant Foundables worth the effort?

Honest answer: No.

There are a few cases where you’ll want to go for them regardless of the XP.

  1. If you haven’t yet recovered all the Fragments.
  2. If you really -really- need the Family XP because you are out of Runestones or red books.
  3. You have spare energy and there is nothing else around.
But... you'll get extra scrolls and runestones... not so bad
Feb 28, 2019
You are correct. I agree with you. There are a number of issues with the XP collection and getting the same. This issue/bug must be fixed ASAP!