Potter’s Calamity II – Tips to finish in time


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Feb 13, 2019
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We’re about two days into the new event, and already there are a few things that work a bit different than the previous ones. We think these changes are worth mentioning, so let’s delve into the details and make sure we all finish the tasks, and the Registry page, in time.

Our take on Potter’s Calamity Event II

Check out this video for our thoughts on the Calamity, a run through of the missions and a few tips on how to complete them all faster.

The Two-Parter Brilliant Event Explained

This is the first time Niantic runs a two-part event. As such, there were a few unexpected details that were a bit confusing for players. Thankfully, the Wizards Unite developers reached out and explained how the second part works in a little more detail. Here’s what they had to say.


Brilliant Foundables on the map

We were all expecting to find that Brilliant Golden Snitch on the map. We were, however, quite surprised to also see the two Brilliant Foundables from Potter’s Calamity I as well: Harry and Hedwig. This is great news for any players who didn’t manage to complete the first page of the event Registry. And it’s also great news for those of us needing to level up our event rank to get more Runestones. The Snitch is all but impossible to catch, after all…

So for the duration of part II of the event we will find all three Foundables on the map. And remember, both the Snitch and Harry count as high level Foundables, so that’s an easy way to complete the task in part three: Return 4 high-threat Foundables.

The Brilliant Portkeys

Although both parts of Potter’s Calamity Event are in the same Registry page, they don’t quite work together. Especially when it comes to Portkeys. Something we learned the hard way.

Many of us had been saving some of those 7km Portkeys since we knew part II of the event was coming. Then Tuesday arrived, we started walking and…surprise! Only school trunks were popping up!

Turns out Brilliant Portkeys taken during part one will yield the school trunk, which was Part I’s Portkey Foundable. For Harry’s Ministry ID we need to find new Brilliant Portkeys and open those instead. And for some reason, 7km Portkeys are nowhere as abundant this time as they were in the previous two events. Instead, many players have been getting 2km and even 5km Portkeys they need to rush through. And then hope to get enough 7km ones before the end of the event.

So if you were saving Brilliant Portkeys be ready to do some serious walking this week!

The Brilliant Runestones

This one is a little tricky. We are using the same Registry page as we did in part I, which means by the time the event starts many of us will already have a high Family rank. In my case, it takes 100 Family XP to level up that rank and get one brilliant Runestone. Unfortunately, Brilliant Foundables yield very, very little Family XP, so getting those Runestones will take a lot of grinding, and a lot of energy wasted on trying to catch that sneaky Snitch.

Now, unlike Portkeys and map Foundables, Brilliant Runestones will only yield part II Foundables (Daily Prophet) until the end of the event. After that, and for an unspecified limited time, whenever you use a Brilliant Rubestone you will get a chance to find either a copy of the Daily Prophet or a fragment of Harry’s Weasley Jumper. Which means players will also get a chance to complete their Jumper Foundable starting next Tuesday.

Some tips to make it through the event in time

  • Return 5 medium-threat Foundables (part 1/4) and 4 high-threat Foundables (part 3/4)
    For these two tasks you can simply return Brilliant Foundables. Harry and the Snitch count as high-threat. Hedwig counts as medium-threat. You could also come across both types of Foundables just trying out different traces, but going for Brilliant ones are a sure way to go.
  • Unlock 4 Portkeys
    There are many ways to go here. If you have NEW 7km Portkeys and enough silver keys you can start four of them and complete this part in 7km. Since part 1/4 is fairly simple, you can even start walking before reaching this stage, as long as you are careful not to unlock them before getting to part 2/4. Otherwise you can open four 2km Portkeys with a golden key, one at a time. It will take you 8km to make it through. I wouldn’t use silver keys on 2km Portkeys unless you were extremely short on time.
  • Recover 4 Dark Arts Foundables
    Sometimes during events it’s hard to find a trace from a specific Family. This Dark Arts Foundables tend to show up near banks, so you should definitely check out some in your area.
  • Brew 8 Potions
    You don’t need to start these potions from scratch for them to count. The moment you take a completed potion from the cauldron is when that potion is considered brewed. So you should definitely pre-brew four potions, leave them in the cauldron until you reach part 4/4 and then simply collect them and brew four more. If you use Master Notes and fast potions (Healing or normal Exstimulo) you can finish four in 6 hours and 48 minutes. Not too bad. Also, do make sure you have enough ingredients in your vault to brew all these potions.
  • Defeat 3 common Dark Wizards
    If you are an Auror this shouldn’t be a problem. Aim for a level 1 or level 2 Fortress and you should be able to finish this fast enough. Same applies for other players teaming up with Aurors during Wizarding Challenges. Just make sure your teammate shares the Dark Wizards that pop up.
    For other players, here’s a good solution that should save you time and Runestones: Switch your Profession to Auror (you do not need to complete any of the lessons) and then go to a level 1 Fortress Chamber. It will take you longer than usual to make it through the chamber, and you will have to use more energy than you would with your normal profession. You might even need a potion or two (which you need to use anyway to complete the other task) but your odds of finding a Common Dark Wizard will increase enough to make it worth it. Just remember to switch back when you are finished!
Are you enjoying the event so far?

This one is certainly trickier than the ones that came before. Were you surprised to find Harry and Hedwig among the Brilliant Foundables? Did you accidentally end up with extra School Trunk Fragments from old Portkeys? How many attempts is it taking you to catch that Snitch? Day one I was averaging well over five spells per Snitch. Day two I recovered about half of them on the first try (and not even a Masterful cast!). Do you think Wizards Unite Developers tweaked those catch rates to make it easier? Or are you still struggling to get them? Let us know in the comments! And if you have any tip to help other players make it through the event faster make sure to share that too!

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Feb 14, 2019
Yes @Samantuchy , no doubt this is trickier than the existing ones and I was surprised to see Harry and Hedwig among the Brilliant foundables.