September Community Day: Foundables, Potions, Tips and More!


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Feb 13, 2019
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Today we finally got some more specific information for this upcoming Community Day. On Saturday, September 21 we’ll get three full hours to return some really rare Foundables, fill up our Spell Energy and brew potions faster than Snape on his best day. Let’s break it down.

When is it happening?

The date is the same for everyone. September 21. The time, as usual, will depend on your area. It’s the same three hours as all the previous Community Days but just in case here are the specific times.

  • Asian Pacific:
    • 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. AEST (UCT +10)
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa and India:
    • 10:00 A.M. to 1 P.M. UCT
  • The Americas and Greenland:
    • 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PDT (UTC -7)
What are we getting?

There will be a whole lot of goodies popping up on the map this Community Day, along with some Brewing perks.

Registry Family Foundables

The main focus this time will be the Mysterious Artefacts Registry Family. This means, of course, that we will see an increase in their spawn rate both in their designated areas (those with the Mysterious Artefacts logo) and unmarked areas.

Not only will we find more Mysterious Artefacts Traces on the map, there will also be an increase in rare Traces from this Family:

  • Hagrid’s Umbrella
  • Weasley Clock
  • Mirror of Erised
  • Time Turner


Exstimulo Potions

There will be quite a few bonuses related to these three Potions. Remember they can come in handy when trying to return rare Foundables, since they increase the chances of casting successful spells.

These are the changes we will see regarding the Potions:

  • Increased effect in Combat (Fortresses) and Encounters (Foundables)
  • Brewing Time for all three will be reduced by 50%
  • Master Notes for all Exstimulo Potions will reduce brewing time by 50% (instead of the normal 15%)

Here is all the information you need regarding Exstimulo Potions in Wizards Unite:


Let’s do a little math to see the actual brewing time for these potions during the Community Day:

Exstimulo Potion

Normal Brewing Time: 2 hours

Special Brewing Time: 1 hour (54 minutes using the rented cauldron)

Using Master Notes: 30 minutes (27 minutes using the rented cauldron)

Strong Exstimulo Potion

Normal Brewing Time: 4 hours

Special Brewing Time: 2 hour (1 hour and 48 minutes using the rented cauldron)

Using Master Notes: 1 hour (54 minutes using the rented cauldron)

Potent Exstimulo Potion

Normal Brewing Time: 8 hours

Special Brewing Time: 4 hours (3 hours and 36 minutes using the rented cauldron)

Using Master Notes: 2 hours (1 hour and 48 minutes using the rented cauldron)

Even more special Bonuses

There are three more surprises this Community Day has in store for us:

  • For the first time ever, Spell Energy will appear on the map
  • We will get more Spell Energy from Inns
  • There will be a free Diagon Alley Bundle. Although we still don’t know what will be in the bundle we’re guessing it will probably be some Spell Energy to get us started and some Exstimulo Potions (or perhaps ingredients to brew it)
Here are some tips for this Community Day

Community Days only last three hours. It’s important to be prepared so we can make the most of the time and, in this case, hopefully complete and prestige the Mysterious Artefacts Registry Pages.

Here are our tips for this Community Day:

Catch them all!

  • Try to stay in a Mysterious Artefacts area or stay away from marked areas altogether (those that have Family banners)
  • Use Dark Detectors to farm your area if you can’t move around a lot. If you are using multiple Dark Detectors remember it’s better to have three in one Inn than one in three Inns.
  • Use the Tonic for Trace Detection if you have it to see more Traces around you.
  • Rare traces yield more XP, so you might want to use some Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs as well.
To Brew or not to Brew

  • Make sure your cauldron is empty when the Community Day begins. Brewing time won’t change if a potion began brewing before the event.
  • Check your ingredients. Make sure you have all you need to brew Exstimulo Potions. You can see the ingredients for each version of the Potion in the image above.
  • Choose which potions to brew wisely. Tempting as it may be to brew more powerful potions in less time, keep in mind one Potent Exstimulo Potion will take up 2 out of the 3 hours the Community Day bonuses last. Those three hours are enough to brew one Potent Exstimulo Potion or three Strong Exstimulo Potions or six Exstimulo Potions. Since the effects of these Potions will be stronger during the event, it might be best to simply brew more of the weakest type.
  • Consider renting a cauldron. For 15 Gold Coins you can get the Rental Cauldron for three hours. Potions will brew an extra 10% faster but, most importantly, you will be able to brew twice as many potions in the allotted time. (Pro Tip: If you start a potion just before your rental time ends, that potion will still brew with all the perks of the rental. So you might want to time it just right and maybe even spend a Gold Coin or two to speed up the last potion and squeeze a Potent Exstimulo Potion just before the Community Day ends)
Keep up that (Spell) Energy

  • Try to start with a full Spell Energy bar. We’ll need it and it will save you from having to stop every time you run out.
  • Keep an eye out for that Spell Energy on the map. We don’t know how often we will find it, but we will need all the energy we can get to return those rare Foundables.
Be ready for anything

  • Start off with a fully charged phone
    • Bring a battery pack along if you think you might need it
    • Check the weather before you head out. Dress accordingly.
    • Stay safe. If the weather is too bad to go out, don’t. There will be other events. The Ministry of Magic will understand.
Make it awesome!

  • Don’t be shy. It might seem daunting, but if you see someone playing Wizards Unite try to approach them. Us Potterheads are a friendly bunch. You’ll feel awkward for a moment or two, then make new friends to play with in your area.
  • Convert those Muggles! They can be our allies. And they will come in handy when we’re short a player and want to venture into a Fortress.
  • And most importantly, Have fun! Stay true to the spirit of the game (and the source material). Have a wonderful time and tell us all about it afterwards!
That’s it for today

Do you have any tips that we missed? Want to share your experience with the game and the events? Let us know in the comments!

Also, here’s a quick guide to Community Days for Wizards Unite Beginners you might find useful.

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