The Muggle Cover-UP: 5G and low latency


Mar 11, 2019
Our inside sources have shared some disconcerting news. The App the Ministry is reportedly working on along with some Muggle governments is not ready for release yet. As they cast widespread spells to make it available to Task Force members and Muggles alike, they are blaming the delay on something they call low-latency networks and 5G technology.


The Wizarding Worlds Alternate voice.​

The Wizards Unite App

You can find a quick Wizards Unite read-through in our Welcome article.

There have been many reports about the Wizards Unite App, as well as a recent Wizards Unite Ministry PSA informing the public about the AR Game. Task Force members created this app as a way to help them venture into the Muggle world and fight The Calamity without risking exposure.

The idea apparently came from a member of the Task Force. It was a muggle-born witch who thought there would be benefits to blending wizarding magic and muggle technology. This was something never done before to such a scale.

We are sorry to inform our readers that, according to recent reports, this witch, Melinda Miller, was recently found dead in a muggle area under suspicious circumstances.

This investigation has delayed the Wizards Unite release considerably. But we still believe it is important to review what we know about the app, how it could help, and how the Task Force is dealing with this delay.

Magic for Muggles


Whoever, or whatever, is behind The Calamity, its intent is clear: they wish to expose our world to Muggles.

This is probably the reason why so many uncontrolled traces of magic have happened in Muggle areas. Some of the more recent examples are the Niffler located in the Muggle arcade, and the dragons that crashed the Super Bowl in America.

There have, of course, been Calamity-related incidents in the wizarding world, such as the disappearing dragons, the invisible Niffler, the missing Thestral or Mr Fletchers unfortunate encounter with the fiery Salamander. The Ministry has been all too happy to sweep these incidents under the rug.

But when it comes to Muggles, they seem far more concerned. So, in an attempt to track the traces of magic without attracting attention, they developed a mobile phone game`. This will allow Muggles to unknowingly alert Task Force members of any trace of magic as it appears.

The Wizards Unite app will come equipped with a strong Confundus Charm, which will make Muggles think whatever they see through their phones is simply part of the game.
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Tracking Calamity events


When a Muggle finds a trace of magic, they will attempt to interact with it through their mobile devices. The Confundus Charm will make them think they have captured or stopped whatever they encountered.

At the same time, it will alert a Task Force member of the situation. This way, the Muggle will be distracted while the trace is appropriately dealt with.

The idea is deceptively simple, but according to our sources, the Ministry has come across a few unexpected issues.

The World-Wide Network

Every witch and wizard involved in the App development was aware of the main issue they would encounter. As most of us know, Muggle artifacts rarely work in wizarding areas. For some reason, our magic seems to interfere with their technology. This is why their artifacts need to be specially adapted to work within our world.

This is, in fact, the first time something like this has been attempted. A project of such scale, with a very high risk of exposure, needs thorough testing and perfecting before it goes into those pesky Muggle hands. This is likely the main reason for the Wizards Unite delay. It was, according to our sources, expected to release in the last quarter of 2018.

Herein lies the problem

After much investigation, it seems we have found the central challenge for Wizards Unite. The World-Wide Confundus Charm.

The mobile app works like a simple spell when downloaded into a Muggles mobile phone. It uses the available technology to slightly change what Muggles see when they look at their screens. Their satellites help anchor the magic so that Task Force members can Apparate wherever an anomaly warning is triggered.

So the first part of the Wizards Unite hidden magic consists of a simple locator spell. When we keep in mind that the very best witches and wizards are working in this app, placing a Locator Spell on a mobile phone is quite simple.

But once the alert is triggered and the Task Force contacted, the app also needs to keep the Muggle distracted. And make him believe it is all a game.

Memorable Memories

Any type of magic that affects the senses is fickle, and needs quite a bit of power behind it. Now a confundus spell might not be as difficult to cast as a memory charm, but it is still complex magic.

Creating such a powerful spell that can be triggered by a Muggle device is quite the challenge. Or so we hear.

Using some of the technology MACUSA developed, the Task Force has managed to find a way to cast a Confundus Charm through the App without going through the device itself. They want to use the Muggle data network to deliver the Charm when Muggles trigger the alert. But the technology needs further development to function at such a large scale and throughout the world with the same efficiency. Which means those Muggle devices must contain the new magical improvements, passed on as simply new technology.

New Developments for Muggle devices

The first step was, of course, adapting Muggle phones for our magic.

5G compatibility for Wizards Unite

The Task Force expects the new blend of magic and technology to reach all markets soon. And Muggles governments and technological companies are encouraging all Muggles to purchase these new 5G devices which will enhance their experience. Muggles are famously easy to manipulate, especially when it comes to new technology. Probably because they yearn to find simple ways to do those things we can achieve using magic, such as communicating long-distance or cleaning their homes.

Once Muggles have magic-compatible 5G devices, they will be able to access the new Low Latency Networks.

Low Latency and insta-charms

What this means to Muggles is that they will be able to shorten the time between an order and its execution. This is especially noticeable with games, in fact.

Muggles will perform an action on the device, such as attacking an enemy. Then there is a short lag, or latency, between the moment the player gives the order and the attack actually takes place. To them, this could mean that their target could change position between the moment they order the attack and when it is executed. This would obviously render the attack useless.

So the Ministry, along with other magical governments, has helped them create a new network. This low latency network will shorten this time enough that the results will seem instantaneous. That is what Muggles will be most interested in.

Its just another lie

To us, the low latency network is just a cover-up, exactly like 5G compatibility.

The Task Force will use this almost instantaneous communication to deliver a Confundus Charm as soon as something triggers the trace alert. This way the charm will be fresh and more powerful. And the delivery speed means Muggles wont have time to look away from their phone or get someone elses attention before the charm takes full control of the situation.

Now it is simply a matter of time before Muggle and wizarding governments finally release the Wizards Unite App. Then we will see for ourselves if all this work, and the risk incurred when giving Muggles any type of magical advantage, was worth it.

Do you think this will be enough to contain The Calamity? Do you believe it can be done?
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