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Feb 13, 2019
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At last, it looks like we got a beta update of sorts from Niantic. Somewhat. On Friday, Judisgene 7th they updated the official website with a brand new post offering a little insight into what is happening behind the curtains. In this post, which is only available on the English version of the website, Niantic tells us about the Beta process and what they how they are using the results from the Beta Players Survey Here is an excerpt of the post.

The Beta Update Message

As the global launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite approaches, we wanted to share a few updates with you. () Over the last several weeks weve learned a lot from beta players and have been updating the game based on their input to deliver a smooth experience at launch. Behind the scenes, weve been running a variety of internal tests, fixing bugs and making improvements to gameplay.

()In addition to making adjustments to the game during this beta phase, weve also been putting the finishing touches on additional features that will be revealed once the wider game launch rollout begins.


As fans of the Wizarding World ourselves, weve been heads down working diligently to ensure this game has the craft and polish it deserves. () We cant wait to share more with you in the coming weeks.

-The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite development team

The latest Trailer

Along with the update, we got to see a brand new trailer. This trailer seems a lot more focused on the storyline, giving us a little more information about the London 5. Well take a deeper look into the trailer soon, but for now enjoy this new shiny.

This one is less impressive than the other trailers weve seen so far at first sight, but it does give us a better understanding of when the Calamity is taking place and what has happened to the wizarding world since the fall of You Know Who. It does seem that after a few years of peace, the our world was thrown back into chaos by the Calamity.

The Hidden Clue?

There are many opinions regarding this titbit so do take this as speculation. But weve all gotten to the point where perhaps we want to see signs where there are none. In one of the newspaper clippings that appear in the trailer we see this image.


While the numbers seem to reference a date (23.6) and we do hope it is actually a release date, despite being a Sunday, Neo mentioned on our Discord that these are actually the same numbers that appear in an article from the Order of the Phoenix. So it might be a coincidence, it might be a hidden clue, or it might be us grasping at straws out of desperation. Either way, we will find out soon enough.

The Threat Level Clock

With the release of this new trailer came another little update. The threat level clock moved again. We are now in the Danger area, and getting closer and closer to the emergency level. Which means closer to release, right?


The disheartening line

There is one line in the beta update post that caught our eye. And not in a good way.

In addition to making adjustments to the game during this beta phase, weve also been putting the finishing touches on additional features that will be revealed once the wider game launch rollout begins.
In previous statements they mentioned worldwide launch. However, theyre now referring to the release as a game launch rollout. This might not seem like much at first glance but it does make it seem as if theyre planning to release in stages, much like they did with Pok矇mon GO.

If this happens, many of us will have to wait weeks or even months to get the game. Which is incredibly frustrating, of course.

So what do you think? Will the game launch on 23.6? Will they do a slow rollout that could take the rest of the year to reach most countries? Are you about ready to jump ship and join the Calamity?

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