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Feb 13, 2019
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A new Wizards Unite Community day is coming! This Saturday August 10 we will have three special hours where playing with others will give us better rewards! Let’s have a look at what this Community Day is about and the best way to get ready for it.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is our Beginners Guide to Community Days
All about the Community

It was clear from the start that Wizards Unite would be all the better when playing in groups. In fact, the game makes a point of never pitting us against each other (although sometimes there is a bit of friendly teasing between Professions). The only enemy in the game (at least as of now) is the Calamity. Even when we battle foes we’re never fighting other players.

Although we are still hoping for some more ways in which to interact with other players (friend gifts, please!) venturing into a Fortress with Potterheads who appreciate the game as much as we do is certainly fun enough on its own.

There are, of course, other perks. More so this weekend, with a Community Day seemingly designed to help the magical community come together.

Are you part of a local Wizards Unite Community? We have a map for that!
The Event Details


As you can see in the image above, the event will focus on Wizarding Challenges – or Fortresses. These are best enjoyed as a team (in the case of the image, a full five-person team). When you venture into a Fortress with other players you will receive extra XP. And you will certainly have more fun than going solo! Just remember to make sure all players involved are in-game friends to receive the special rewards. You have to add their Friend Code and have them accept the invitation beforehand.

Looking for other players in your area? Add your Friend Code to our map.
During this Community Day we will have some very useful bonuses:

  • XP bonuses when participating in Wizarding Challenges, with the additional bonuses for playing with friends
  • Free store pack featuring Spell Energy from the Diagon Alley shop
  • Healing potions brew quicker and offer more Stamina when consumed
  • Ingredients used to brew Healing potions appear more frequently on the Map
  • Potions brewed using a Rental Cauldron will have their brew times reduced by 33%
Tips to get ready for the August Community Day

When preparing for a Community Day, it’s important to know what the main focus will be. In this case, we need to work on what we need for three hours of Fortress grinding. Here are some tips to make sure you excel and also have a great time.

Managing your team

  • Make sure your group is organised beforehand. Strategy is important, and you don’t want to go in unprepared. We’re not just talking friend-codes here. You should discuss things such as:
    • What Fortress levels you will go for (which includes what’s the higher level everyone has unlocked)
    • Who needs to defeat a specific Foe for a mission or achievement (a Formidable Pixies, a Formidable Death Eaters, an Elite Foe…)
    • Which player will go for higher-level foes (it’s not just about which Profession you chose, but also how advanced you are)
    • Who will stay behind if there are more players than Foes (always leave a strong Magizoologist behind so they can heal players)
    • What will you spend your Focus on (Aurors can pass their Focus to Magizoologists. Magizoologists can heal players. Professors can use their Deterioration Hex on any foe)
Managing your energy and potions

  • Try to increase your spell energy capacity as much as possible (150 coins for an additional 10 slots)
  • Start the event with full energy, then take the free store pack so you can play longer without having to stop to visit inns.
  • Brew your potions in advance. We recommend focusing on:
    • Baruffio’s Brain Elixir (to double the XP you get in the Fortresses)
    • Exstimulo Potions (any of the tree types. This will increase the speed with which you defeat a foe and save you spell energy and stamina)
    • Invigoration Draught (extra Focus will certainly come in handy.
    • Healing Potion (although this potion will brew faster during the event, you should still have some in your vault. You will probably need it)
Managing the special bonuses

  • Make use of the Healing Potion special bonuses.
    • More ingredients on the map
    • Extra stamina when using the potion
    • Faster brewing (time still unknown)
  • Consider renting a cauldron
    • You can brew on two cauldrons at the same time
    • Your brewing time will be considerably less
    • It is certainly affordable
Rental Cauldron


For just 15 coins you can rent a second cauldron for three hours. Which will get you through the Community Day.

Wondering how to get gold coins? Here’s a break down of all the Wizards Unite rewards you can get in a month!
This will, first of all, allow you to brew two potions at the same time. If you want to make the most of the Healing Potion speed bonus, this is a good option.

The rental cauldron will reduce brewing time quite a bit. Especially when we consider:

  • Bonus speed means this cauldron will brew 33% faster (this works for all potions during those three hours)
  • This cauldron also offers 10% bonus speed, but it’s unclear if it will add to the bonus 33%
  • Master Notes will reduce brewing time by 15%
  • The Community Day will have a speed bonus for Healing Potions that should add to all these (although we still don’t know the exact amount)

So unless once the Community Day begins we find that all these Bonuses don’t actually add up, the brewing time for a Healing Potion on a rented cauldron should be quite impressive. It’s definitely worth considering.

Now let’s get ready!

Can you think of any tip we missed? Want to share your experience playing Wizarding Challenges in a team? Leave us a comment below!

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