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Feb 13, 2019
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As far as we know, Day of the Dragon will be our only chance to find a dragon in Wizards Unite that’s not native to our area. During three hours this next Saturday the dragons’ region lock will partly lift, giving us a chance to get a second dragon without having to leave our region (which in most cases would mean leave the continent).

Here are our tips to get ready for the Day of the Dragon. Charlie Weasley needs our help!

Top Ten Day of the Dragon Tips

Here is a list of some of the things we should prepare in advance, and what we should do during the event.

  • Make the most of Challenge Bonus week and its special rewards
    Apart from other things we will mention later, the Challenge Rewards will allow us to brew potions twice as fast. Make sure to stock up on (and plant if necessary) your ingredients, especially those you need for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir.
  • Use a Brain Elixir before you start.
    Baruffio’s Brain Elixir doubles the XP you get during an encounter. Make sure yours is already active before you tap on any of the Oddity Foundables, there’s a nice XP reward for your first encounter, and you want to make sure you make that even higher!
  • Practice your attack traces.
    Unlike other Traces, Oddities don’t depend on odds and level quite as much. But tracing the attack bolts fast will increase your chances of getting a critical hit and returning the dragons even faster. Which leads us to…
  • Level up your attack lessons.
    By now most of us have been working on our Profession, and the lessons, for quite some time. Professional level is especially important when dealing with oddities. While you won’t have access to your charms and hexes while battling an Oddity, the amount of power and stamina make all the difference. Stamina will probably not be a problem, since it doesn’t seem like dragons will hit us all that hard. Attack power, however, will save us time and spell energy. So, if you can, try to work on that before the Day of the Dragon begins.
  • Find the right area to play.
    We will only have three hours to get the second dragon, so we need to make the most of it. Make sure you are in an area with frequent spawns by the time the event starts. Check out your surroundings this week and find the perfect spot.
  • Stay away from Banner areas.
    Areas with a Registry Family banner are far less likely to spawn Oddities. So check the area where you’re planning to play and make sure you won’t be hitting any nests, or bannered areas, or you’ll probably have some trouble finding Oddities and catching those dragons.
  • Consider using Dark Detectors.
    With the recent upgrade, Dark Detectors now spawn Foundables closer to the Inn where they are placed. Remember you can place up to three Dark Detectors inside the same Inn for best results. This week Dark Detectors will last twice as long, so once you’ve placed them you will have an entire hour to camp our and wait for those Foundables to come to you.
  • Focus!
    There will be other Foundables out there while we play. But try to stay focused on the star of the day: Dragons. Other Foundables will continue to appear, but the second dragon will be there for an extremely limited amount of time. Try to ignore other Traces (unless they are very rare) and go for the Oddities instead.
  • Fill up on spell energy.
    You might end up playing in an area that’s a little short on Inns but with many spawns. This is usually the case with parking lots or shopping malls. Those are great places to grind, but not the best to charge up in between. And even if there are Inns where you’re planning to play, the more energy you start off with, the less often you’ll have to stop playing to visit inns. Time, as usual, is of the essence.
  • Reach out.
    The three-hour window means we’re likely to encounter other players out and about. Don’t be shy, just reach out to them. You already have the game in common and, as daunting as it may seem, you wouldn’t react badly if another player approached you. So there’s no reason to think anything bad will happen. You might feel awkward for a minute, but if there’s one thing Potterheads are great at, it’s accepting everyone. Even Muggles.
So that’s it for today!

We hope you are enjoying all the Bonus Rewards we got for the week, and that these tips are useful as you prepare to battle some dragons. Did we miss any important tips? Let us know in the comments! Other Wizards Unite players will love to get your tricks and insight!

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