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Feb 13, 2019
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This past few weeks, we have been inundated with a huge number of teaser trailers for Wizards Unite. They’ve come out so fast we haven’t really had time to properly analyse them. That’s why we’ve decided to take a moment and go over each of them in turn, starting with probably the funniest one: The Monster Book of Monsters.

The Trailer Poster

WB and Niantic have been working on their marketing campaign for Wizards Unite, trying to reach those Muggles that still don’t know magic is real. If you want to know more about this you can read our post:

Wizards Unite for Squibs and Muggles

Last week, they released a new batch of Wizards Unite Muggle-proof posters. This was one of them.


The text next to the image reads as follows:

A hairy and disoriented Monster Book of Monsters has been sighted nearby. Tracking suggests the confused creature has ingested some unsavoury material: Muggle glossy magazines. It is now substantially more cantankerous and snappy than usual and has consequently savaged a sandal – which regrettably contained a Muggle foot. Untrained wizards, or anyone wearing open-toed footwear, are advised to avoid at all costs. everyone else should remove the Confoundable and then report minor maulings or missing digits to the Statute of Secrecy Task Force.

The Teaser Trailer

And here you can see the trailer itself in all its glory. If the Monster Book of Monsters was hard to control for Flourish and Blotts employees, you can probably imagine how this poor Muggle shopkeeper fared.

Here’s a transcription of the text we see on the SoS Trace file.

Trace no. 234, Monster Book of Monsters.

Witness: Muggle shopkeeper called police. Police presumed it to be a hoax call and found the whole thing rather amusing.

Damage: Shredded magazines. Destroyed groceries. And a severely nibbled left buttock, yet to be analysed by a medical professional.

There’s one thing that does seem specially strange in this video, and that is the date. You can see in the top right corner that the surveillance video is dated February 24th 2019. The trailer was first released on May 15th which is almost three months later.

This could mean:

  • The trailer was meant to come out sooner but it was delayed for some reason. This seems very unlikely since the date stamp is probably something very easy to change.
  • The incident occurred in February but the Task Force only found out in May. Again, highly unlikely.
  • The incident occurred in February, and the Task Force kept it hidden for some reason. In which case, what is it that they’re trying to hide?
And that’s it for today

Personally, here at Accio Wizards Unite we love this trailer. It’s clever and funny and at the same time it shows how dangerous magical objects can be in the Muggle world. Which of the trailers we’ve seen is your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments, and subscribe to keep up to date with the latest Wizards Unite news!

You can also join our discord and our forum so we can talk a little more about WizU. Or vent over the interminable wait. Or maybe share your thought on the trailers over some Butterbeer Just click the button you like most and you’ll find us on the other side!

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And remember, keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wand ready. Wizards, Unite!
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