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Based on a true story as recounted by Zo禱 @SnitchesWitch

Justice for Melinda. Part Seven.

(Here you can find Part One, Part Two Part Three, Part Four, Part Five,Part Six and Part Seven)

The Sand of Time

It was somewhat reassuring to hear Weasley come to the same conclusion. But judging from his expression, he couldnt really think of a use for the Sand either.

I did some research after I sent you the message, I said. There is very little information on the Sand of Time, and everything I found seemed quite innocuous without some serious magic put in. What could those creatures want with it?

I dont know much more than you do, really.

But you were there, right? When the Sand was released?

How do you know that? he spluttered. I mean, what makes you think that?

It was in Melindas file. The June 1998 incident. That was the night You-Know-Who first attacked the Ministry, wasnt it? I know Potter was there, so I expect you were, too? It was all over the papers.

Right. Well, were not really supposed to talk about it.

If we are going to find out why those things killed Melinda, I need to know what happened.

He seemed to hesitate, so I gave him a moment to consider while I refilled his tea and put another slice of cake on his plate. That seemed to do the trick.

June, 1998

Fine. So one night we went to the Department of Mysteries, he said, as he started in on the cake. The Death Eaters were there, it was圭omplicated. But many things were destroyed during the battle. Including the Time-Turners.

Do you know how it happened?

Not exactly. It was all quite chaotic, you can imagine. We were just kids, fighting for our lives. In those situations everything else doesnt seem to matter too much. And it wasnt only the Time-Turners that were destroyed. Afterwards there was so much going on. It didnt really cross our minds. Or at least mine. Hermione might know more about that night, though. That brain of hers is like a steel trap, he said, tapping the side of his head with a finger, and leaving a smudge of chocolate behind. I suppose I could ask her, but shes away this week on Ministry business. And I havent really got around to telling her I enlisted. So for now it might be best to keep it quiet. At least until shes back home.

You havent told your wife youre working for the Ministry again?


Well, its only been barely a couple of days, right? And I came back because Harry asked me to. And I dont really want to tell her through the Floo. So I figured Id wait until she came back. Tell her in person. And the kids are with Ginny this week, thats my sister, shes covering the Quidditch semifinal and took them along. So I should be good for a few more days. And anyway, thats not the point.

And what is the point? I knew the Time-Turners had been destroyed back then. And the Ministry hasnt made any new ones, since. But why would they keep the Sand? And why try to move it to Gringotts?

I figure they were keeping it just in case. Its pretty much useless without an artefact, far as I know, but you know those Unspeakables. They always keep everything. They probably still have shards from broken prophecies. And they love to experiment.

But what could those creatures want with it? And why kill Melinda? Just because she found out what they were after?

There has to be more to the Sand than what we know. Did you find anything in Melindas files?

Not much. Apparently the Sand was first discovered by Goblins centuries ago. Nobody knows where it came from or what they did with it themselves. But they made a deal with the Ministry and sold them the Sand they later used to make Time-Turners.

Thats all?

I only had a few hours, Weasley. And there is very little information to be found.

A possible source of information

Right, sorry, he said, finishing up the last of his tea and clearing the table. Tell you what, though. If the Goblins had it, then I bet my brother Bill knows all about it. Hes been working for them since he finished Hogwarts. Best Curse-breaker theyve got. Well just pay him a visit and see what he knows. You might want to change out of your pyjamas first, though.

Its nearly four in the morning. We cant just Apparate to your brothers house.

Oh, right, he said, scratching his head. Ill send him an owl and ask us to meet us somewhere safe, hows that?

Thatd be better, yes. And I need to get some sleep.

Right, of course. Ill get out of your hair. Took some Pepper-up potion earlier today. Yesterday? Did my head in a bit, I guess.

Wait. You said you knew who those creatures were.

Didnt I tell you that before?

I think Id remember.

I told you about the Azkaban thing, though, right?

The mega-Dementor? I asked, and he nodded, smiling proudly at my use of the name.

The Missing Bodies

Well, the file I found said something has been happening to the bodies at the Department of Mysteries. The ones that were Kissed. But all of them seemed to be changing at the same rate. Ever since the Calamity started. Now back in October four of them disappeared. Only four.

You think its the same four that attacked Portas and Thompson and killed Melinda?

Has to be, right? Too much of a coincidence otherwise. But I dont think those four bodies just up and left on their own. I think someone took them. They either caused the explosion as a distraction or got lucky, but those four wizards certainly didnt leave on their own. The other bodies are still there, and still an empty shell for the most part.

So what makes these four so special?

Its not so much as what, but who. Three of them were Kissed the night we fought the Death Eaters. But the fourth one, he was kissed over twenty years ago. The thing they have in common is that they were all high ranking Death Eaters. Loyal to the end, quite literally.

Most trusted Death Eaters

So you think someone broke them out of the Ministry and managed to revive them?

Makes sense, doesnt it? Their souls were consumed by the Dementors we fought at Azkaban. When the mega-Dementor exploded, all that energy was released. Maybe the Calamity somehow affected them.

That sounds insane.

So does watching time-displaced memories of your friends death in the middle of a Muggle street. But its happening. And just think about what they looked like, in those memories. Their faces, their bodies. They looked like something between a human and a Dementor.

Even if youre right, what could they possibly want with the Sand of Time?

Dont know. We might get some ideas after talking to my brother. But whatever they want with them, theyre desperate. They will do anything to get them. They will kill anyone who tries to stop them.

Did you know them? Before they were Kissed?

I did. The worst of wizardkind, all of them. Among Voldemorts most trusted, and thats not an easy thing to achieve.

What were their names?

Rabastan Lestrange. Antonin Dolohob. Amycus Carrow. And Barty Crouch Jr.
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