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Feb 13, 2019
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We finally got some more Wizards Unite news!

Wizards Unite Pre-registration

The last bit of official news we received came almost a month ago.

You all remember those amazing Wizards Unite Gameplay images, right? And it wasn’t just that. On that same day, March 11, 2019, this latest Niantic Augmented Reality game became available to pre-register at the Play Store.

No word on Pre-registration at the App Store as of yet, unfortunately. If you’d like to read about the 90-day rule for pre-registration, you can find that information on our post Wizards Unite: The 90-day conundrum.

But since then, the wizarding airwaves have been silent. Until now, that is.

Niantic’s Code Name Reservation

On the 9th of April, just shy of a month from the last bit of news, Niantic got us all aflutter once more with a single tweet.


Let’s go into what this means for all of impatiently waiting for Wizards Unite to release. Both the beta and the proper game.

The Niantic Family

Although Pokémon GO is the most famous of Niantic game at the moment, it is certainly not the only one. In fact, Niantic is a company that focuses primarily on developing new technologies surrounding Augmented Reality (AR).

While their main focus at the moment is phone games, Niantic CEO John Hanke mentioned several times during his 2019 MWC Keynote his interest in future uses for this technology. In fact, the company is working on a multiplayer platform that will use low-latency 5G networks to connect our phones with virtually no delay or lag.

But when it comes to games, Niantic has two popular Augmented Reality games already out and will soon add Wizards Unite to the family. The two games we are talking about are Ingress and PokémonGO.

Not all games are the same

Although all three games use similar technology, they are very different in gameplay and overall goals.

Ingress (2013) turns you into an Agent of one of two teams: The Enlightened and the Resistance. The teams represent opposing sides when it comes to a mysterious substance known as XM (Exotic Matter). The Enlightened embrace the substance’s effects, while the Resistance want to defend the human race from XM.

Pokémon GO (2016) is part of the Pokémon franchise. In this game you will become a Trainer. Your goal is to catch Pokémon with a Poké Ball and evolve them into more powerful ones. You can then use them to battle other Pokémon as well. There are currently over 460 Pokémon species in the game.

Wizards Unite will be a story-based game. Created alongside Warner Bros, this game is based on the Harry Potter franchise. We have covered what we know about Wizards Unite in several of our posts. If you’re new to the site, here is the best place to start.

You can also check out this post, which goes more specifically into the differences between Pokémon GO and Wizards Unite: Is Wizards Unite just Magic Pokémon GO?

Code Names in Wizards Unite

While Ingress and Pokémon go had their own username database, Wizards Unite will let players keep the name they are using in either or both games if they want to. For a short period of time, Niantic will allow its users to reserve their Agent Name or their Trainer Nickname so that it will be available to them when Wizards Unite finally releases.


This will be the first time Niantic allows players to reserve their username, in a way connecting their games and allowing current users to get first pick when it comes to keeping their username. However, there is a small caveat.

In Niantic’s words:

There may be some cases where Code Name reservations are not guaranteed. For example, your Code Name may overlap with a user in another Niantic title. For this scenario, reservation will be first come, first served.

If you have the same username on both your Pokémon GO and Ingress account, you only need to reserve your Code Name once.


The perfect loophole

During this month, all those players who are already playing a Niantic game will get the chance to reserve their username. But what happens to those who want to choose a different name? Or to link the game to a different email address. And most importantly, what about those who are waiting for Wizards Unite but don’t have an Ingress or Pokémon GO account?

Here is where it gets interesting:

  • If you have an account and want to change your username
    Perhaps to something that wasn’t available when you first downloaded the game. In this case download the other Niantic game (if you have PoGO, for example, download Ingress) and see if the name is available there. Then, once you get the username (you can even use the same email address) just go to the Reservation site and get dibs on the name for Wizards Unite. In this case you can only do this if the other player hasn’t reserved the name yet. So you best hurry!
  • If you have an account but want to change your email address
    The process here will be very similar to the previous one. Download the game you’re not playing and sign up with your desired username using the new email address. Then use that email address to reserve the name on Wizards Unite.
  • If you don’t play Ingress or Pokémon GO
    In this case you will need to download one of the games. Then sign up using the same email address you used when pre-registering for Wizards Unite, and choose your username. If it’s not available in one of the games you can try your luck with the other one. Once you’ve found your perfect username you can follow the link and reserve it. Do keep in mind, however, that Wizards Unite won’t let you use a name that is part of the franchise. So if your Agent Name or your Trainer Nickname is, for example, Harry Potter, you won’t be able to use that Code Name in Wizards Unite.
What Code Name reservation could mean for the Wizards Unite release date

There are a few things we can safely assume from Niantic’s Tweet. The most obvious one is that, since Code Name reservation ends on April 30, Wizards Unite will definitely not release until then, at the very least. Not even the Beta version.

But, at the same time, Niantic’s efforts to let us reserve our Code Names make us think we are getting closer and closer to the release date. While we still have doubts about Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara and his ‘Summer Release‘ slip, it seems the gears are finally moving.

In the last month we got actual gameplay footage, pre-registration for Android (here), and now a chance to reserve our Code Name.

All of this is beginning to feel like a Patronus, forcing away over a year of silence and frustration. We’re finally allowing ourselves to hope Wizards Unite might actually make it to our phones soon.

Reserve your Wizards Unite Code Name now!

You want to be ready before the game is available for download. And we definitely want to help you with that. So if you haven’t followed this two simple steps, now’s the time.

  1. Pre-register for Wizards Unite at the Play Store. Only Android users for now, unfortunately.
  2. Reserve your Wizards Unite Code Name here. You can do this even if you have an iPhone. Once the game releases you will have six months to download Wizards Unite and use the name you pre-registered. After that time the Code Name will be available for everyone again.

So hurry up, before that perfect Code Name gets snatched up by a faster SoS Recruit.

Any other theories on what Code Name reservation could mean for the Wizards Unite release date? Any interesting thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments! And if you’ve already reserved your username join our Code Name Reservation thread and share the great news! Oh, and don’t forget to check out @TheWizardsGuide video for more amazing insights: Reserve your Username

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Great post, I love the rundown of the reservation loophole! And I hope you're right and the game is looming closer