Where’s the Wizards Unite Calendar for March?



Players anxiously awaiting the release of the March Events Calendar need to be patient a little while longer. In an announcement on March 5th, the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team let us know that they are still finalizing in-game events while they work to fix “major bugs currently impacting players.” The 2.17.0 release will target problems with Adventure Sync (for Android players) and purchasing difficulties (for some iOS players), as well as getting the SOS Report working properly.

“In the meantime, the team has designed a couple lightweight events for the interim. Note that these types of lightweight events are not structured to feature a Special Assignment task list or complimentary store pack.” The current Spotlight Event with boosted Emergency Traces is the first of these events, to be followed quickly by the International Women’s Day Event on Tuesday, March 8th.

Though there is no release date yet for the March Events Calendar or the 2.17.0 release, as soon as we have more information, we’ll let you know!

What are you hoping will be featured in upcoming March events? Are there other bugs you hope will be fixed in the next update?

Let us know your opinion in the comments below or through any of the Wizards Unite Hub social channels. Until then, let’s keep building our Wizarding community!

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