Why Day of the Dragon was the best Event yet 😎


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Feb 13, 2019
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This month’s Event/Community Day was incredibly fun. It’s not just us that think Day of the Dragon was the best event so far. In fact, this opinion seems to be almost unanimous. We’ve had Wizards Unite for a little under 3 months at the moment. Let’s have a little look at what events we had so far and how they compare before we get into what made this one so special.

A look back

There have been three Brilliant Events since the global launch:

We’ve also had two Community days, one in July and a second one in August


And with September came the first Wizards Unite Fan Festival, that brought along not only dragons, but a mesh between an Event and a Community Day that we think hit just the perfect balance.

Wizards Unite Fan Festival Weekend

This Event/Community Day was quite special. It actually started off with the Indianapolis Wizards Unite Fan Festival. This festival took place over the August 31 and September 1 weekend. During those two days, attendees got the unique opportunity to battle, and return, all four types of Dragon Oddities which would then be region-locked. They did such a wonderful job that they easily reached the organisers’ goal of 250,000 returned Dragons that would allow us all to enjoy Day of the Dragon within the first day.


While those lucky witches and wizards were out saving our world from exposure, everyone else got 48 hours in which to grab, unlock and open some very special Portkeys that would yield a Dragon Egg. Once we found 1,000,000 eggs of a certain type, a week-long global bonus would be unlocked. Of course, all witches and wizards united and we unlocked all four bonuses.


Day of the Dragon

What we mentioned before played a big part in making the Day of the Dragon the best Event/Community Day so far.

The ramp up

The hype was real from the moment they announced the Calamity would be throwing Dragons our way. On top of that, we started working on this event a week before it actually took place. We spend the Festival weekend either chasing Dragons or returning Eggs, the entire magical world working together in order to unlock those amazing bonuses.

The week of bonuses

We got an entire week to enjoy those bonuses: extra XP, faster Portkeys and Potions and long-lasting Dark Detectors. This gave us all an extra push to go out and try to get special Foundables, Portkey rewards, rare ingredients or extra XP to level up. All of this while anxiously waiting for Saturday’s main event.

The rarity of the Foundables

During the two previous Community Days we got some extra spawns, more XP than usual and extra rewards for completing Fortresses in groups. But all of those things were available on a daily basis, so while the extra XP was nice, it wasn’t always enough to make us go out in the middle of a summer day to play for three hours straight (in my area, for example, Community Days go from 12 to 3 P.M., which in summer is not the best time to be out and about).

But here were were getting something that was only available for three hours. The bonus Dragon (Chinese Fireball or Antipodean Opaleye depending on where you live) would roam our skies only during those specific hours before flying back to its native region. From then on, Dragons would become region-locked, which means each area will enjoy a single type of Dragon.

And another thing that didn’t hurt: Dragon Foundables were everywhere, and the rewards (both XP and Family XP) were pretty high. So while about half the world didn’t get a chance to Prestige their page (since the dragon pages are divided into two types each and for many of us it didn’t match our regional and bonus dragons) we did get to level up our Registry ranks and get those nice scrolls as rewards.

The Complimentary Gifts and SOS Bundle


This Complimentary Gift had a new potion (Tonic for Trace Detection), the ingredients needed to brew another one, and some very valuable vault extensions.


This second Complimentary Gift gave us another push in the energy department (with 25 Spell Energy) as well as 10 scrolls and 5 spell books (which are so difficult to get and blocking so many of our profession lessons).


And there was also an SOS Bundle in Diagon Alley with 4 Potent Exstimulo Potions, 2 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, 25 Spell Energy and a Silver Key for 400 Gold Coins.

All of this put together made the Day of the Dragon even better.

Why it was the best

  • We had weeks worth of hype.
  • Amazing bonuses for a week leading up to the day.
  • A brand new type of Foundable.
  • A real time limit (since there is no getting that second dragon from our region after the event).
  • Some great Complimentary Gifts.
  • Serious XP and Family XP from returning the Dragons.
  • Amazing animations.
  • A shared sense of wonder for all Wizards Unite players

And, in our opinion, this is what made Day of the Dragon the best event yet.

What did you think?

Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Were you one of the lucky ones who actually got to complete, and Prestige, their registry page? Is this your favourite event so far? Let us know in the comments! Maybe if we celebrate it enough, Niantic will give us another chance to battle Dragons and help poor Charlie Weasley out.

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Feb 14, 2019
Nice to remember all previous events :)