Will we get a Wizards Unite Plus?


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Feb 13, 2019
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Over the years, Niantic織s most popular game, Pok矇mon GO, has certainly evolved. And we are expecting a lot of great things in Wizards Unite for that very reason. The company has learnt what works best, what the players want, and will put all that knowledge into their new big game. But will that include specialised accessories, like Pok矇mon GO plus? Lets give it some thought.

The Pok矇mon GO plus

Pok矇mon GO Plus is a small accessory that connects to your phone through Bluetooth and automatises a large part of the game. It is made of plastic, with a led light and a button to click. Seemingly quite simple. It can either be used on its own or clasped to a wristband to keep around your wrist for easy access.


How it works

This device has different modes to choose from, depending on what you want it to do. Whenever something game-related is in your vicinity, it will vibrate to alert you. Then, if you click the button, it will perform the selected action on its own.

  • Catch Pok矇mons: When a Pok矇mon is in your area and you click on the PoGO Plus, it will throw a single, normal Pok矇ball at the Pok矇mon. You will either capture it or it will run away. The device keeps a log of its activity so you can later review it.
  • Spin Pok矇Stops: In much the same way as mentioned before, if you set up your device to detect Pok矇Stops it will vibrate when one is close to you and you can spin it with only a click.
  • Spin Photo Discs on Gyms: You can also spin a gym faster this way. A simple click will allow you to get all your items at once.
Pros of using the Pok矇mon Go Plus

  • You can level up much faster. Since it catches Pok矇mons on its own, you will get a lot more XP for less effort when playing. You can stockpile a huge amount of common Pok矇mons in a very short ammount of time, then use them to evolve some low-cost Pok矇mons.
  • It allows you to spin Pok矇Stops faster. You can get all the same items you would in the normal way, but with much less effort. It will also work great if youre in a vehicle (not driving one!) and moving too fast to be able to spin the stops manually. The Plus device will spin them for you as soon as you hit the button, so youll be making the most of any trip and stockpiling like crazy.
  • You can also automatically spin those Photo discs in Gyms. This will let you get all those special items much faster and with less effort, for a hunt on the go.
  • The App and the PoGO Plus are not as interconnected as one would think. This means that, if youre the greedy type, you can use both the phone App and the Plus device at the same time. You could be in the middle of a raid on your phone, while your Plus would be spinning Pok矇Stops or catching Pok矇mons at the same time with just a click.
Cons of using the Pok矇mon Go Plus

  • There are some issues with connectivity. Apparently the device will often disconnect automatically, whether youre using it or not. When it happens, you need to manually go into your settings to reconnect it.
  • Sometimes there are also some issues when it comes to Gyms or Pok矇Stops. You might be near one, and the Plus might not see it and notify you. This would mean a missed chance to stockpile some great items.
  • It uses up a lot of Pok矇Balls. The Pok矇mon GO Plus does not discriminate between Pok矇mons. It will throw a Pok矇ball -and only one- every time you click the button.
  • You might miss out on some rare Pok矇mons. You only get one chance to catch a Pok矇mon with the Plus device, and it only uses normal Pok矇Balls. So unless youre paying attention to the screen while using it you wont be able to take over manually and use either more or better resources to try to catch those special Pok矇mons that pop up from time to time.
Wizards Unite Plus

Despite some Cons, the Pok矇mon GO Plus is a great companion to make the most out of the game. So do you think Wizards Unite will launch a device of its own?

They could make on shaped like a Snitch or a little wand. Just something wizardy to wrap around our wrist or tuck away in our pocket. And once it vibrates, well know there is magic nearby.

Such a device would certainly help us along the way. For starters, we would save a lot of battery just by keeping our screen off while we play the game. We have been waiting to download Wizards Unite for so long that we will all be glued to the screen at first, trying to catch every last detail. That much is for sure. But what about those moments when we cant be looking at the screen? Or after a while, when youre out and want to advance your game but dont have enough time to do it manually?

And honestly, just the idea of saving on power is great. If youre going to a new area to play, you can make the most of the locations along the way and still be fresh and ready when you get to where you want to actively play.

The device would also allow us to gather ingredients, get food and replenish energy at the Inns, maybe even interact with some Foundables, depending on the devices capability when it comes to casting Confoundables. It would definitely help us level up faster and stockpile on some nice valuables.

Will you go plus?

So what do you think? Will a Plus device work for Wizards Unite? Would you be interested in getting one if it becomes available? Do you have a Pok矇mon GO Plus already? Tell us all about it in the comments!
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