Wizards Unite 2.16.0 Release Notes



Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will soon release a new update, Version 2.16.0. This update includes the details for Adversaries, which will be coming very soon!

Wizards Unite Updates

The HPWU team has been working hard on the new Adversaries feature. More information coming soon!

Coming Soon: Adversaries

Available for players level 15 and above, Adversaries is a challenging new Map-based combat experience featuring iconic villains from the wizarding world.

Battle your way through Adversary chains to earn SOS Training currency and complete new Challenge Registry Pages.

Use new Edible Dark Marks to reveal Adversaries on the Map.

New Combat Professions Skill Tree will be unlocked for players who have mastered a Professions Skill Tree. These lessons will help players improve their dueling skills against these more advanced Foes.


Full support for Android X. Note: Android users may need to reenable Adventure Sync after upgrading.

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes

As always, the HPWU developers continue to work hard at eliminating bugs in the game. These are the latest Wizards Unite bug fixes. If you still experience these bugs, please submit an in-app bug report.

Improvements made for general app stability.

Visual updates to Lessons Trees for SOS Training and Combat Professions. Some lesson nodes now have directional markers to let you know the next lessons that have been unlocked.

Fixed text errors displayed in the SOS Training Magicum Vitae Field Charms Descriptions. (Stay tuned for updated wiki articles now that we have better information!)

Fixed a bug impacting Mystery Item drop rate for SOS Assignments not appearing for new players.

Fixed a bug with the Gold Gift appearing as an Energy Gift.

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