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Feb 13, 2019
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This past Tuesday, October 15th saw the release of the Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update. This time, the roll-out started with Android, making iOS users wring their hands for a bit as they waited for the new version to pop up in their App Store.

There was a bit of an issue with Samsung users with an accidental early release of the new update. The developers thankfully took to the official social media accounts to warn those playing on Samsung devices not to update their game. The update would result in a crash.

As of now, the new 2.5.0 version is available to Android, Samsung and iOS. Heres a look at the new and improved Wizards Unite. And a glimpse at what is still to come.

The Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update


Heres a rundown of whats new, whats been fixed, and whats still cooking.

The New Features

There are a few new features that will really improve the players experience.

  • Greenhouses will now always provide Spell Energy along with ingredients. This is great news for those players in rural areas where Inns are in short supply.
  • There will now be a Start option when going into Fortresses to skip the countdown. While this option wasnt available with the update, it will reportedly go live tomorrow. When playing in groups, the start option will tell teammates youre ready to go in. We can assume the challenge will begin once everyone chooses start or the countdown reaches zero.
  • House-specific items will now be grouped together. Tap on the Gryffindor House items to see items for the other Hogwarts Houses. Items rewarded from events will now be grouped together. Again, we are not seeing this feature live in the game yet. Theres no word on when it will be available.
  • When using Dawdle Draught, you will now see a pop up when the Potion prevented an Encounter from fleeing. After an unsuccessful cast animation is completed, you will see the Foundable begin to fade and Departure Denied pop up before it returns.
  • The Golden Snitch Foundable is now available in Photo Mode. Remember you must have at least one fragment of a Foundable in order to take a photo with them in Photo Mode. After you prestige a page you will still be able to take a picture even if the Fragment counter is zero.
Other changes

  • Not stated in the Update notes. During a Fortress countdown you will now see a feather symbol next to your chosen Runestone. This is not a change in gameplay, since tapping on the feather simply lets us change the Runestone. This is something we could previously do by tapping on the Runestone itself. It seems this is simply a visual sign to show players they can change the Runestone, since the feather is used in other parts of the game (mainly the Ministry ID) as an edit mark.
  • New Download Assets options. It seems this update deletes all downloaded assets from our devices. After we update the game we need to choose one of two options:
    • Update All Assets: This will work in the same way as it did before. This download will use 1472 MB of Data and will require 2102.9 MB of disk space. If you have enough space, its definitely the way to go. Just remember downloading these 3036 assets will take time, so dont do it when in a hurry. And you might want to download over WiFi, too.
    • Update Essential Assets: This is a great new option for those players who are short on disk space. The game will run a bit slower than it does with a full download, but if it comes to choosing between a slower performance or not playing at all, well


Bug Fixes

  • The update fixed an issue with Potion Brewing Queue slots disappearing after collecting a Potion and immediately attempting to brew another Potion.
  • It also fixed an issue with the Friends Listed 1: Have 1 Friend in Your Friends List Achievement not appearing completed immediately after getting the Achievement.
  • And fixed an issue with a players Portrait becoming inverted when taking a photo in the Ministry ID.
  • There was no information on the Update about the bug freezing the game when we ranked up a Registry Family. I ranked up one family today and had no issues, but I dont know for certain if the problem was fixed or it was simply a fluke.

So thats the new Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update

Are you happy with the new changes? Were you hoping for more? Let us know in the comments!

Harrowing Halloween Chamber

And if youre curious about what the Halloween Event has in store for us, heres a little sneak peak. There was a small issue and the new Chamber accidentally went live for a short while on Monday. I was lucky (or unlucky, since it cost me a Runestone) to come across this glitch. Here are some images of what it will look like.


A few notes on the captions:

  • Remember this was not supposed to be live. I highly doubt we will actually have to deal with 1068 foes in 5 minutes.
  • All foes appear to be Oddities (including Death Eaters) so bring your Professor friends along for the ride!
  • The recommended Profession level for this Chamber is Level 4, so it should be quite easy to complete.
  • We finally know where the Dark Witch will show up! Data mining shows a whole array of new foes, too. From Trolls to Bounty Hunters. This Halloween event is going to be amazing!
Be a part of our magical community!

As we mentioned before, some clever players have been doing some serious data mining on the new update. Now along with a whole array of amazing things (that are not confirmed, of course) rumour has it we will soon be able to send gifts to other players. So now is the perfect time to add some new Friend Codes and get as many gifts as you can!

You can also add your Friend Code to this map so other players can add you as a friend in the game or have a look around and add those who are already on the map. A clever wizard is always ready.

Are you part of a Local Community? Dont forget to add it to our Local Community Map so other players in your area can find you! This Halloween Event will be so much better if you can have a magical team to back you up!

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Feb 26, 2019
I was lucky (or unlucky, since it cost me a Runestone) to come across this glitch. Here are some images of what it will look like.

So lucky!!
Thanks for sharing!