Wizards Unite 2.9.0 update is live!


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Feb 13, 2019
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A new Wizards Unite update is here! Finally, after over six months of playing, we will be able to start rocking those Portkeys even when the game isn’t open. That’s right, it seems this time they really meant it when they said ‘coming soon’. But as excited as we all are about Adventure Sync, there are more changes (and many quality of life improvements) coming our way. Let’s check it out!

Adventure Sync

While the update is live, it takes a while for it to be available across all platforms and countries. So while you may have updated the game already, this fancy new feature won’t start working until every member of the SOS Task Force has access to the new 2.9.0 version.

Once we all have a chance to update Wizards Unite, a new option should show up on our settings menu (accessible through the Suitcase) allowing us to choose whether we want to enable Adventure Sync or not.

If you choose to enable this new feature, your phone (through its own compatible app like Google Fit) will record your distance for Portkey Portmanteaus even when Wizards Unite is closed. Which, in most cases, will mean activating Portkeys much faster.

I will be honest here: while we’re excited for all the new features and changes, this is the one we were looking forward to the most.

Portkey Portmanteaus Update

Here’s what you need to know about Portkeys

There are a few more changes regarding Portmanteaus that we think are important to mention:

  • New Portmanteau icons are now available. Once activated, the icon on the Portkey screen will change and we will finally be able to tell the different types of Portkey apart:
    • 2 km Portkey – boot
    • 5 km Portkey – old kettle
    • 10 km Portkey – deflated football
    • Brilliant Portkey – unknown as of yet
  • New Portkey Rewards:
    • Rewards will now include Spell Energy
    • Different sets of Foundables available as possible rewards
    • New -normal- rewards for unopened Darkest of Times Brilliant Event Portkeys (until now each Portkey will only give us 300 XP and 1 Brilliant Family XP)
  • Two additional slots for Portkeys, allowing us to hold a total of ten Portkeys at a time.
  • Dolores Umbridge’s Office will once more be available as a Portkey destination.

Here’s a graphic with the new Foundables that can be found as Portkey Rewards. You might notice it now includes some Foundables that, until this update, only appeared as Fortress rewards. This is great news for all of us trying to get those fragments and complete those Registry Pages.


Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

Sortable Friends List

I wasn’t really sure about this feature, or how useful it would be, until I updated the game and checked it out myself. I have to say that I looove it.

Want to know more about this? Check out our Wizards Unite Gifts post!

When you open the Social window you will now see a new icon on the bottom-right corner. Tapping on it will allow you to sort your friends either alphabetically or by gift.

There’s not much to say about alphabetical sorting, so let’s focus on gift sorting instead.

Once you choose this option your list will be sorted this way: (list written using the options available for clarity)

  • Open Gift – Send Gift
  • Open Gift – Sent
  • Send Gift
  • Sent

Now as soon as you perform an action, that friend will immediately get re-sorted. So if you have someone at the top (Open Gift – Send Gift) and you open their gift, they will automatically move to the third section of the list, for example. So you might want to keep an eye on their username in case you want to keep track of what they sent you in order to choose your own gift (for example, if you try to send Runestones to everyone who sends you a Runestone Gift).

All of this, in fact, makes me wonder: How are you guys managing your Friends Lists and Gifts? Leave us a comment to let us know! Maybe we can find the most efficient way to run our social tab!

And some more stuff

Those are the main changes and new features we know of so far. There’s also a new, and very exciting, inclusion to the Registry’s Photo Mode. Fawkes will now join the growing list of Foundables willing to pose for our fun and geeky photos!

There’s also a list of bugsfixed in this update:


  • Fixed an issue with some players receiving an error when they attempted to collect a brewed Potion.

Wizarding Challenges:

  • Fixed an issue with some players receiving an error message when attempting to enter a Wizarding Challenge.
  • Fixed an issue with the number of players at a Chamber not updating immediately when other players join the same Chamber.

Now remember, this update may take several hours to appear on the App Store, Google Play, or the Galaxy Store; keep an eye out to see when the update is available for you to download.

And, if you’re curious, here is what the official site had to say about the update.

And that’s what this Wizards Unite Update has in store for us!

Are you as excited about 2.9.0 as we are? Which new feature are you looking forward to the most? And do you think Adventure Sync will have a big impact on your game and the speed at which you open those Portkeys? We love to hear from you guys, so don’t be shy and leave us a comment!

Make sure you’re ready to make the most of the update and grow that social tab: add your Friend Code to our map if you haven’t yet. You can also have a look around the map and find players in your area!

We also have a Local Community Map where you can add your Wizards Unite Communities for other players to find you! Us Potterheads are always looking to make new friends.

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