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Adversaries are finally LIVE in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This Adversaries FAQ should help players discover this new feature.

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An Overview of Adversaries in Wizards Unite

Players have known about the existence of Adversaries in Wizards Unite since the very beginning. However, before the recent marketing hype and teaser trailer, players havent know when Adversaries would be added to the game or how they would work in the game.

Now that Adversaries are live in Wizards Unite (for players who have reached Level 15 in the game), we can finally learn more about how Adversaries will work.

This initial collection of FAQ about Adversaries will be followed up by more articles with additional information.

This video goes over the first half of this article.

What are Adversaries?

Adversaries are a type of Trace Encounter found on the Map. This Encounter will include a chain of 3-5 Foes to defeat, including the final Archfoe. Adversaries will be in two categories: Feared and Lethal.

Adversary Traces on the Map will be indicated by a green Adversary Trace marker. Feared and Lethal Adversaries each have their own distinct design.

Whats the difference between Feared and Lethal Adversaries?

Feared Adversaries are more common than Lethal Adversaries. They also have fewer, less-difficult Foes to defeat. A Feared Adversary will have 2 Foes plus the Archfoe to defeat while a Lethal Adversary will have 2-4 Foes plus the Archfoe to defeat. In a Feared Adversary chain, the 2 Foes will both have Profession affinities. None of the Foes in a Lethal Adversary chain will have a Profession affinity.

Feared Adversaries can appear during the following circumstances:

  • randomly on the Map, like any other Trace
  • on the Map after consuming an Edible Dark Mark
  • on the Map during an Adversaries Event

On the other hand, Lethal Adversaries appear less frequently, during the following circumstances:

  • on the Map during an Adversaries Event
  • on the Map after consuming an Edible Dark Mark, AFTER introduced during an Adversaries Event

Not all Lethal Adversaries will be available in the beginning. Each monthly Adversaries Event will introduce a new Lethal Adversary until all of them are available.

What is an Edible Dark Mark?

An Edible Dark Mark is a consumable item that functions similarly to Tonic for Trace Detection. When you use it, 3 Adversary Traces will appear on the Map.

You cannot use an Edible Dark Mark while Tonic for Trace Detection is active.

How do I obtain Edible Dark Marks?

Edible Dark Marks can be purchased in Diagon Alley (the in-game store). Players can also earn Edible Dark Marks by completing events. Certain events will include Edible Dark Marks in the free store pack.

Do I need to use an Edible Dark Mark to see Adversary Traces?

Adversaries can appear without Edible Dark Marks active. The overall chance of this will increase during Adversaries Events.

Can I use the Trace Charm on an Adversary?

No, you can only use the Trace Charm on regular Traces, not on Adversary Traces.

What does combat against an Adversary entail?

As already stated, each Adversary Encounter includes a chain of 3-5 Foes. When starting, you will see the first Foe in the chain, and there will be a gold diamond under the Foes HP meter indicating the Archfoe. After defeating each Foe, you will see a rewards summary of the rewards you earned. Under this will be a button that says Fight On. Once you press this, your HP will be completely restored, and the next Foe will appear.

How does combat against an Adversary work?

Combat against an Adversary is similar to fighting Oddities on the Map or Foes in Wizarding Challenges. To attack, use your finger to press and drag your wands target marker over the Foes target icon. The icons meter begins to fill when they are aligned. Once filled, cast the spell by tracing the glyph.

To defend, drag your finger across the arrow that appears on your screen before the Foe attacks. Successfully defending reduces the amount of damage you take.

Your stamina replenishes at the start of each Encounter in the Adversary chain. If you lose all of your stamina during any duel, you will be knocked out of the Adversaries Encounter and return back to the Map. You will not be able to reattempt the Encounter.

If at any point you choose to flee, you will not be able to rejoin.

Can I use Strategic Spells against Adversaries?

No, you cannot use Strategic Spells against Adversaries.

What Potions can I use against Adversaries?

When fighting against Adversaries, you can use the same Potions available during Wizarding Challenges. These are:

  • all Exstimulo Potions
  • Wit-Sharpening Potions
  • Healing Potions
Do Adversaries count as Elite Foes?

Defeating Adversaries will not count towards the in-game Achievement Elite Foes Defeated. The exact text of that reads:

  • Defeat 1000 Elite Foes in Wizarding Challenges

Adversaries are Encounters on the Map, not Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Professions and Adversaries

Many players have asked questions about how Professions affect Adversaries. Each Profession will have some strengths and some weaknesses, similar to the way Professions work in Wizarding Challenges.

All Professions are equally strong against the Archfoes, as well as all the Foes leading up to Lethal Adversaries.

Whats the best Profession against Adversaries?

If you have only maxed out one Profession, that is the best one to use against Adversaries.

If you have maxed out more than one Profession, then your particular playstyle will determine the best Profession.

Aurors hit hard, but they have less HP. If you play as an Auror, you will use less Spell Energy and more Healing Potions.

Magizoologists have high HP, but they dont deal a lot of damage. If you play as a Magizoologist, you will use fewer Healing Potions and more Spell Energy.

Professors are balanced with their skills.

There is also affinity attached to some Foes, specifically the Guards leading up to Feared Adversaries. Each Profession is strong against certain Foes, so there is an overall balance.

What are the Profession affinities?

This chart shows the Profession affinities. The Archfoes are all in black because all Professions are equally strong against them.

Common SerpentImposing Dark WizardDraco Malfoy
Imposing SnatcherDangerous WerewolfFenrir Greyback
Common PixieDangerous PixieGilderoy Lockhart
Formidable SerpentFierce AcromantulaSlytherins Basilisk
Common AcromantulaFierce AcromantulaAragog
Formidable Dark WizardVicious Death EaterPeter Pettigrew
Common Troll3-Headed DogAncient Norwegian Ridgeback
Formidable PoacherVicious MummyAncient Ukrainian Ironbelly
Formidable AcromantulaSphinxAncient Hungarian Horntail
Formidable SnatcherDark WitchNarcissa Malfoy

Do my current Profession skills apply to Adversaries?

Yes, all the unlocked nodes in your Professions Lesson Plan apply when battling Adversaries. This is why its recommended that you use the Profession you have already completed, or most completed, when starting an Adversary Encounter.

Can I change Profession during battle?

You cannot change Professions mid-fight. If you leave the battle, you cannot return to it.

What is the new Lesson Plan?

Advanced Adversarial Combat is the new Lesson Plan (skill tree) to gain skills related to Adversaries. This Lesson Plan includes 15 nodes in 3 categories to unlock. These 3 types of lessons are:

  • Dodge vs. Feared: Increases your ability to dodge enemy attacks and to take less damage each hit.
  • Precision vs. Feared: Increases your probability of doing critical damage to common (Feared) Adversaries, including both Foes and Archfoes.
  • Accuracy vs. Lethal: Reduces chance of enemy to dodge the player attack.
When does the new Lesson Plan unlock?

Once you have completed an entire Professions Lesson Plan, a new Lesson Plan will unlock. These particular skills will aid you in combatting Adversaries.

Is the Adversarial Lesson Plan different for each Profession?

Each Profession has the same Lesson Plan for Adversaries: Advanced Adversarial Combat. All of the nodes in this skill tree are the same for each Profession.

If Ive completed more than one Profession, do I need to complete Advanced Adversarial Combat more than once?

Yes. If you have completed more than one Profession, and you want to use the additional skills from Advanced Adversarial Combat, you will need to complete it for each Profession. The skills do not carry over from one Profession to another.

What resources are needed for Advanced Adversarial Combat?

You will need Scrolls, Spell Books, Restricted Section Books, and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books to unlock the nodes in the new skill tree.

Do any of the nodes have multiple parts to unlock?

Each node in Advanced Adversarial Combat only has a single lesson attached to it. This is different than some of the skills in the Profession Lesson Plans and SOS Training.

The other WUtubers, Orange Wizard, and I are all asking Lola and the HPWU team as many questions as we can about Adversaries. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will update this article and write more articles once we have more information to share.

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