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Feb 13, 2019
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The Beta version of Wizards Unite went live in New Zealand on April 17th and in Australia on May 1st. While it feels a lot longer, it’s been only six weeks since we got our first look at the game. And while everything seemed to indicate Niantic and WB were gearing up to release the game soon, their latest email seems to indicate something quite different.

The beta feedback email

Here’s the email beta players received today:


Here is a transcript of the email:

Thank you for participating and supporting the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beta! To help us produce the best game possible for worldwide launch, our team would love to hear about your experiences in our partner (WB Games San Francisco)’s survey. This survey will take between 5-10 minutes of your time and will be invaluable to us.

There are no right or wrong answers and your feedback will be used by the game team to address usability, technical issues, and most importantly, overall enjoyability.

This survey can only be completed once, and the deadline for completion is 6/2/2019. Please begin the survey here.

-The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Team.​

The hidden details and the long wait

There is one detail that this email makes clear: the feedback will be used to help produce a better worldwide launch. Which means…

  • The survey deadline is 2/6/2019
  • Once that is finish, Niantic has to review the information to identify issues and things players like.
  • After doing that, they need to decide what to change.
  • Then they need to make those changes.
  • All of this before Wizards Unite worldwide launch.

Now if you add all of this together, we are looking at quite some time before launch. Probably July at least. Which doesn’t fit Warner’s recent marketing campaign (four new trailers, in-app ads, Detective Pikachu UK ads, new posters…). Now whether this means there’s some serious miscommunication between the two companies or Warner jumped the gun, we can’t really tell. But one thing is for sure, if we have to wait another month before release, it doesn’t bode well for the game. Those of us who have been here this long will stick to it, but Muggles who are just finding out about the game through the ads…I don’t think they’ll have the same amount of patience.

The Beta Survey

These are all the questions from the beta feedback email survey. We have split them by core subject.

Basic player information

  • How many calendar day did you play this game?
  • What level have you reached?
  • How would you rate this game?
  • Did the game meet your expectations?
About the tutorial

  • How would you describe the tutorial in this game?
  • Was there anything confusing about the tutorial while playing the game?
  • How did the tutorial help you to understand the following?
    – basic of gameplay
    – story
  • What was missing from the tutorial, if anything?
Using the map and locations

  • How would you describe using the map to find things to engage with in this game?
  • What item/buildings did you find on the map?
  • Did you go to any of the fortresses you found on the map?
Wizarding challenges

  • Did you do a wizarding challenge in any of the fortresses?
  • How many wizarding challenges have you done?
  • How often do you do wizarding challenges?
  • When do you do wizarding challenges?
  • How likely are you to play the wizarding challenges again?
Foundables, Confoundables and technical issues

  • How often did traces appear?
  • How often did you see a trace but didn’t tap it?
  • Which technical problems did you encounter, if any?
Playing with friends

  • Would you be interested in importing your friends into the game?
  • What platforms would you be interested in importing your friends from?
Wizards Unite sound

  • Did you ever play with sound on?
  • How did playing with the sound on affect your experience with the game?
  • Do you continue to play with the sound on?
Final opinion

  • Would you recommend this game to your friends?
A WUtuber’s take on the beta feedback email

Here’s a great video from @TheSylphYT covering the email and the survey.

And that’s all we have at the moment

As always, we’re left with very little information and a lot of speculation. Do you agree with our take on the email? Do you think we won’t be seeing the game until well into the summer? Are you anticipating any other beta releases or do you think Niantic is done with those?

Let us know in the comments, and subscribe if you want to keep up to date with the latest Wizards Unite news!

You can also join our discord and our forum so we can talk a little more about WizU. Or vent over the interminable wait. Or maybe share your thought on the game and Niantic’s antics over some Butterbeer Just click the button you like most and you’ll find us on the other side!

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And remember, keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wand ready. Wizards, Unite!
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Feb 14, 2019
One thing to notice in the email that Niantic sent to the Beta players, the email indicates "Worldwide Launch", it means there will no more beta version and we will get released version of game. 🥳